Scarring, Complications and Risks of Breast Implants Verses Breast Fat Transfer – Oh My!

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Looking to go larger – but don’t want the complications, scars, and risks of surgery?
Want to make a change with cosmetic services – but don’t want anything too invasive? If you want to see cosmetic changes to your body, but want to avoid the complications, downtime and potential risk of surgery or don’t want to deal with the risks and potential problems of implants? Innovations Medical has an option that may interest you.

Fat Transfer for Natural Breast Augmentation

Many women want to enhance the size of their breasts, but don’t want surgery or foreign objects in their body. What’s a girl to do then? If you’re in this position, it’s time to learn about natural breast augmentation.

Natural breast augmentation, also known as the breast fat transfer, is a cosmetic procedure that increases the size of the breasts using fat taken from another body area. The procedure involves two stages; the first stage takes the fat from an area such as the thigh or abdomen through liposuction, and the second stage involves injecting the fat into the breasts.

Who is a Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Is It Right for You? If you’re wondering if natural breast augmentation is right for you, ask yourself a few questions:

1. How big do you want to go?

Natural breast augmentation is great for women who want bigger breasts, but they don’t want a giant increase. Natural augmentation can increase the size of your breasts about one to two cup sizes. If you want to go larger than that, you’re going to need to go the implant route. In addition to increasing the size of your breasts, natural breast augmentation can give you softer and more natural-looking results.

2. Are you fearful of breast implants?

While breast implant augmentation is typically a safe surgery, all surgery has risks of complications. Complications associated with breast implant augmentation include adverse reactions to anesthesia and infection. After the procedure, there is still some risk involved with what your implants will look like over time. Some women worry about leaking implants and breast implant illness. Other women develop milk-filled cysts known as galactoceles. Scar tissue can also form around your implant, making them look and feel different than they did early on after your procedure.

3. Are you concerned about scarring?

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on breast implant augmentation because you’re nervous about scarring, you should be. Although modern techniques and technology have translated to smaller scars over time, the average incision length for breast implants is still three to five centimeters and likely to be noticeable. Conversely, with the breast fat transfer, incisions are tiny and hidden in the armpit area.

4. Do you want to get rid of areas of stubborn fat?

If you want to get rid of stubborn fat and increase the size of your breasts at the same time, the natural breast augmentation procedure is ideal for you.  When you choose the breast fat transfer procedure, not only do you get rid of fat in a place you don’t want it and get bigger breasts, you also get additional skin tightening benefits for both areas. Win-win-win.

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