New Patient Information

Thank you for considering Innovations Medical for your procedure.  Please take some time to navigate this section of our website to better familiarize yourself with the next steps of your medical procedure.  Our goal is to make your visit with us a simple as possible.

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What Do I Need to Do Before My Procedure?

There are several steps that need to be taken before having a cosmetic or stem cell procedure.  Our staff must get together with you to determine what procedures we can offer to best meet your cosmetic or medical concerns.  The initial contact is usually done through a consultation.  Our highly trained consultants are skilled at directing you towards the proper procedures and giving you the best price.  When necessary or upon special request, Dr. Johnson can also participate in the consultation process. Once the consultation is completed and a deposit is taken, you will be scheduled for a pre-operative examination.

What Is a Pre-operative Exam?

All of our surgical and professional medical devices require a pre-operative examination.  The purpose of this exam is be make certain that the correct procedures are planned for your cosmetic or stem cell issues.  We also want to be certain you are in a good health condition so that the procedure(s) planned are completely safe.  Most of our liposuction and stem cell procedures require some blood work.  Most blood work in done here at Innovations Medical.  However, sometimes blood work must be sent to outside labs such as LabCorp or Quest.  When outside lab is necessary, you will be charged by the lab company. If available, this is typically covered by insurance.  Once the pre-op is successfully completed, you are ready for your procedure.  A pre-op is good for 30 days, after that time it must be redone.


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Coming To Us From Out Of Town?

Innovations Medical has many patients from outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  In fact, we have seen patients from coast to coast and many foreign countries.   If you are coming from out of town, we have several ways to help make the experience easier and more rewarding.

Consultations For Out Of Town Patients

If you are out of town, we can perform a consultation for you by phone and video or email.  You can give us your phone number and email and send us your cosmetic or stem cell area of interest.  We can then have you send to us pictures, medical records or other items necessary to give you an estimate of what we can do to help and the probable cost.  We can also make recommendations for treatment options or additional information.

Hotel Reservations

If you are traveling to our locations from out of town, please be sure to speak with your consultant about our hotel accommodations.  We have several hotels we work with in close proximity to the office.

Scheduling Your Procedure From Out Of Town

For patients new to the practice, we prefer to perform our pre-operative exam at least one day before your procedure is scheduled.  Special considerations can be made for individuals out of town upon request.  Please contact your consultant or our front desk to schedule your pre-operative exam and your procedure.


3D Consultation

Innovations Medical has the ability to do a computer generated 3D consultation.  This enables us to use your live in office images or pictures sent to us from out of the office to generate an image of how you will look after your procedure.  This is an excellent tool to help you “see into the future” and visualize your potential cosmetic results.

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Interested In Payment Plans At Innovations Medical?

Innovations Medical offers several payment plans through outside finance companies.  Your consultant can help you understand  your payments and choose what is best for you.

How To Apply For Care Credit

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How To Apply For LendingUSA

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