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Organic Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your skin or the shape of your body, we provide the most minimally invasive, advanced procedures to make you look like the best version of yourself.


Fat Transfer

Body Shaping

Cellulite Reduction

Anti Aging

Skin Tightening

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Stem Cell Procedures

Stem cell therapy allows your cells to replicate themselves, providing your body with the ability to heal faster, reduce pain related to arthritis, and restore nerve function. It’s a natural remedy for degenerative and autoimmune disorders.

Musculoskeletal/Muscles and Joints

Neurological & Brain

Autoimmune Diseases

Kidney and Bladder

Heart Disease

Lung Disease


Eye Disease

Skin Disease

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I injured my right shoulder in high school wrestling and have had periodic bursitis flare-ups. I have been a chiropractor for twenty-six years which is physically demanding on the shoulders and has contributed to difficulty sleeping on my right side. Dr. Johnson performed a stem cell procedure on my shoulder which has resulted in increased strength, range of motion and no pain! Thank you, Dr. Johnson!”

Dr. Shawn Lett

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