Fat Transfer

Dr. Johnson explains how Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) offers better results for fat grafting in Dallas, TX.

Fat Transfer is also known as “autologous fat transfer.” Autologous means the tissue is coming from the same patient that it is being transferred to. In other words, we are taking the fat from an area we don’t want it (or we can spare it) and moving it to an area we do want it. While the procedure has been around for many years, long term survival of the transferred fat has only been possible the last few years. Fat transferred is the ideal filler to add volume where it is desired. The advantages of fat grafting are:

  • The procedure uses your own tissue. There is no chance for an adverse or allergic reaction.
  • Fat used for transfer is available in larger volume. Other facial fillers are $500-1,000 per milliliter. Up to 1-2 liters of fat can be harvested and used on multiple body areas for a tiny fraction of the cost.
  • The transferred fat is long lasting. Other fillers like Restylane or Radiesse last from 6-12 months. The transferred cells that survive initial transplantation have been shown to survive for many years. Current techniques result in 50-70% cell survival. New techniques like Platelet Rich Plasma added to the transfer procedure can increase cell survival to over 90%.
    Fat grafting is typically replacing or adding fat where fat is wanted or has been lost. Two examples:

    • Facial fat is lost with aging. A facial fat transfer restores the lost fat with the tissue that was lost.
    • Similarly, most of the volume of a woman’s breast is fat tissue. Transferring fat to the breast adds volume using the tissue that is natural for the female breast.
  • The procedure is low risk. The fat is obtained using Tumescent Liposuction, a very safe office-based procedure. The recovery times are short. Most patients who undergo a fat grafting procedure to areas other than the face return to work in 1-2 days. Facial fat transfer patients typically return to work in about a week.

Common Fat Transfer Procedures

Fat grafting can be done on many areas. Some of the most popular include:

Whether you’re interested in exploring new ways to achieve a more youthful face or simply want to enhance your figure with a fat transfer to the buttocks in Dallas, TX, our clinic can certainly help with its innovative approach to aesthetic surgery. Click here to see our clinic locations and learn how to schedule your free consultation.

Natural Breast Augmentation

Taking fat from your bottom and moving it to your bust. Think it’s just science fiction? Not anymore. Breast Fat Transfer is the new organic way of increasing breast size and volume and Innovations Medical can help you with your transformation. Choose any area of unwanted fat, and allow Dr. Johnson to do his magic. Using Activated SmartFat, Dr. Bill Johnson carefully injects your own fat into your breast. The procedure is done while you are awake, and you can return to work the next morning. Natural Breast Augmentation is perfect for restoring breast after pregnancy, weight loss, or when just size increase is wanted.

Brazilian Buttock Lift

It’s no secret that the buttocks have received more and more press coverage over the years. Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian are all part of this movement. Innovations Medical can provide the larger, rounder, lifted buttocks that are so sought after right now with a Brazilian Lift. The best part is that you can achieve this new look by using the unwanted fat from your own body. Transfer the fat from your abdomen, inner thighs, even arms into your buttocks, permanently.


One of the easiest places to spot someones age is their hands. It’s an easily forgettable area when we think about aging. There are some really good procedures that can help address age spots, wrinkles, crepe paper skin, but with fat transfer, Innovations Medical can help restore the youthful plumpness back into those hands. Hands Fat Transfer is a very simple, very quick (10-15 min) procedure that can be done in conjunction with your liposuction or fat transfer procedure. At Innovations Medical, we refer to Hands Fat Transfer as an add on fat transfer area. Priced extremely reasonably, hands should be on everyones to-do list when fighting aging.