Not all liposuctions are created equal. At Innovations Medical, we use advanced technologies that allow us to remove more fat with minimal invasion. This results in a more comfortable experience for you as a patient: Less swelling, less bruising, and shorter recovery time.

In fact, some of our procedures are so unintrusive, that some can be performed right in the doctor’s office, while the patient is awake. We only apply mild sedation for local anesthesia to maximize your comfort.

Liposuction Services

We also have different types of procedures: Vibro Lipo allows us to break up fat, allowing us to remove it faster. In fact, our very own Dr. Johnson was the first physician in the United States to offer this type of liposuction, making him the ultimate expert on the procedure.

In addition, we offer laser-based liposuction that provides twice the benefits: melts away the fat as well as tightening the skin, allowing you to obtain that perfect figure you’ve always wanted.

Tickle/Vibro Lipo
Male Breast Reduction

No matter your age or gender, we’ll make sure to find a solution and provide you with the best version of yourself possible. No matter the procedure you choose, you’ll leave our facilities with a shapelier body and tighter skin. This includes both the upper and lower abdomen, lateral abs, inner thighs, upper back, upper arms, neck and jowls, buttocks, knees, and male breast reduction.

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