Does Fat Freezing Really Work?

Does Freezing Fat Really Work?

For centuries, people have been looking for ways to achieve the silhouette of their dreams. Yet, the process can be overly complicated — from trendy diets to a long list of cosmetic enhancements, it’s easy to become confused about what works. One of the procedures that seems to cause the most confusion is fat freezing. What does the process entail? Does it really work? Is it painful? Are there any risks and/or side effects?

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing (also known as cryolipolysis, CryoLipo, or Coolsculpting) is a noninvasive procedure designed to remove subcutaneous fat — the type of fat that lays just under the skin and shows up as muffin tops when your waistband is a bit too tight. Unlike liposuction, there’s no risk of bleeding or infections, and it doesn’t require downtime afterward. The treatment takes less than an hour. However, depending on your desired results, you may need more than one treatment.

Does fat freezing really work?

Freezing fat does work for people who desire to lose a few inches from the treated area. The ideal candidate is someone who’s already close to their ideal body weight, but who has stubborn fat that refuses to disappear despite eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

It’s also crucial to point out that cryolipolysis only targets subcutaneous fat, and not fat that surrounds your internal organs. Therefore, it’s a good solution to help you fit into your favorite dress, but won’t do anything for your overall health. It’s also not meant to be used as a weight-loss solution.

The procedure causes patients to experience pulling and tugging sensations, as well as intense cold over the treated areas. Since freezing temperatures are required for the process, you’ll notice redness and skin sensitivity afterward.

Once your liver has processed all of the broken down fat cells, you’ll notice up to one inch of reduction in size in the treated area. Depending on the amount of fat you want to freeze, you may have to return for a second session.

Although Coolsculpting has benefits over liposuction — such as no incisions or scarring — the procedure may result in pain that can last for several months. It is for this reason that at Innovations Medical, we’ve opted to perform LipoSonix on patients interested in fat freezing.

What is LipoSonix?

LipoSonix is a cosmetic enhancement that’s similar to freezing fat in that it’s also designed to reduce the size of the treated area without the need for surgery. However, instead of using cold temperatures to do so, the fat cells are broken apart by using focused ultrasound waves. The treatment is usually more comfortable than Coolsculpting because it results in mild or no pain — either during or after the procedure. You may experience mild soreness after the procedure.

LipoSonix can also result in losing up to two inches from the treated area. It also tightens the skin, providing even better results than traditional fat freezing. Side effects are minimal — with some people only experiencing mild or no discomfort. Some individuals may experience redness, swelling, and bruising, which resolve within a few hours.

Although LipoSonix can help you lose up to a pants size, it is not a weight-loss procedure. While you will lose inches in the treated area, the broken down fat cells are processed by the liver, yet remain in the body.

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