Tickle/Vibro Liposuction

Innovations Medical introduced Vibro Lipo (also called Tickle Lipo or Air-Sculpt) to the United States.
Innovations Medical’s first in Vibro Lipo include:

1. The first Vibro Lipo in the UNITED STATES.
2. The first to use Vibro Lipo for fat transfer procedures like BBL and natural breast augmentation.
3. The first to combine SmartLipo and Vibro Lipo for smooth, area liposuction and reduced loose skin.

What is Tickle/Vibro Liposuction?

This type of Liposuction uses vibration to move the device used to remove the fat. The type of vibration was designed by European scientists to greatly reduce the risk of uneven fat removal that can be a problem with liposuction. This makes unevenness or “rippling” much less likely with Vibro Lipo. Vibration also makes it easier and faster to remove the fat – resulting in a more complete reduction of the fat. It’s one of the most efficient ways to eliminate the highest amount of fat. Vibro Lipo also goes under the names of “Tickle Lipo” and “Air-Sculpt”. It also makes it easier for the physician to provide local anesthesia for patients with more fibrous tissue or patients who’ve previously had cosmetic surgery. Dr. Johnson at Innovations Medical was the first practice in the United States to use Vibro Lipo. Dr. Johnson has performed over 4,000 cases using the device.

Benefits of Tickle/Vibro Liposuction

There are several advantages of Tickle/Vibro Liposuction over traditional forms of liposuction: One of them is that the vibration makes it easier to numb the area.

Because of the vibration, a higher amount of fat is removed with each pass, resulting in fewer passes. Since you need fewer passes, you have less swelling and bruising after your procedure.

Undergoing Tickle/Vibro liposuction is also a good option if you’re looking to use the removed fat for a second body shaping procedure, such as Fat Transfer Natural Breast Augmentation or a Brazilian Butt Thread Lift. Tickle/Vibro Liposuction is performed at both our Dallas and Fort Worth practice locations.

Tickle/Vibro Lipo Before and After

Tickle/Vibro Lipo Before and After (Male Patients)

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