SmartLipo Laser Liposuction

For anyone looking for a slimmer, smoother, and younger appearance, laser liposuction is a state-of-the-art approach to body sculpting that has been growing in popularity. This is a true minimally invasive approach to liposuction that uses a laser to help melt fat and smooth the skin.

Innovations Medical’s Dr. Bill Johnson was the first physician in Texas to perform laser liposuction with the MPX SmartLipo® Laser, and has been performing this procedure longer than any other physician in the Dallas area. In fact, Dr. Johnson and the Innovations Medical team have performed more than 5,000 SmartLipo® procedures.

“The MPX and newer Triplex really change the game. They are much faster and more complete than even previous SmartLipo® and other laser versions at removing fat. However, the most exciting thing is the rapidity of skin tightening. Often you can see it shrink as you do the procedure. Previous laser devices did a good job on skin tightening, but SmartLipo® MPX and Triplex set a new standard.” Bill J. Johnson MD, MMM

How Does SmartLipo® Work?

SmartLipo® is a revolutionary laser liposuction procedure that uses a laser to melt fat and more importantly smooth the skin. Careful shaping of the treatment area makes way for a better contour and appearance of the body area treated.

Does SmartLipo® Tighten Skin?

Yes! One of the biggest challenges associated with liposuction is sagging skin. By using a laser just under the skin during the procedure, SmartLipo® laser liposuction achieves exceptional skin tightening results. This combines the body shaping of liposuction with skin tightening results from a laser.

SmartLipo® Versus Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, is an FDA-approved procedure that involves freezing fat cells, which are removed from the body through the liver. Although CoolSculpting is a body-shaping procedure sometimes marketed as an alternative to liposuction, liposuction generally offers the opportunity for more fat removal. When combined with the skin tightening benefits of SmartLipo®, laser liposuction is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that can offer superior results.

SmartLipo® Procedure

SmartLipo® integrates a medical laser into regular tumescent-based liposuction, an outpatient approach to liposuction using a saline-based liquid with local anesthesia. The laser is introduced through a small, quarter-inch incision, making it a true minimally invasive procedure performed right in our offices.

Most procedures last about 45 minutes to an hour per area. After being stabilized and returning home, patients generally require rest and experience some swelling. Most people are able to return to work in one to two days.

SmartLipo® procedures can also be combined with Vibro Lipo, also called Tickle Lipo, technology. Combination treatments have provided exceptional results for patients in need of this type of procedure. Innovations Medical and Dr. Johnson have performed more than 5,000 SmartLipo® and Vibro Lipo combined procedures.

SmartLipo® Results

Some results from SmartLipo® can be seen immediately, with final results taking about 6-12 months to develop. Patients will schedule return visits at one week, three months, and six months to ensure progress and monitor for potential complications.

Some patients benefit from a touch-up procedure to improve or enhance the results in limited cases. According to statistics, the national average for touch-ups is 20%, with Innovations Medical patients undergoing touch-ups in approximately 8% of all cases.

The Benefits of SmartLipo®

Benefits of Smart Lipo laser liposuction include:

  • Natural Healing Response: SmartLipo® uses the laser to produce a healing response in the skin overlying the area of liposuction. This natural healing response leads to new collagen formation and healthier, thicker, tighter skin.
  • Tighter Skin: The connective tissue below the skin is also tightened as the new collagen forms. This tissue tightening results in less loose skin and more size reduction after the procedure.
  • Less Scarring: Using small incisions of about 1/4 inch, SmartLipo® results in smaller visible scars than previous liposuction techniques.
  • Better Results: Dr. Bill Johnson uses SmartLipo® with additional suctioning tools. The skin tightening results SmartLipo® provides makes it a prime technology to combine with tickle liposuction.

SmartLipo® Before and After Photos*

Here are pictures of actual patients who have undergone SmartLipo® procedures:

*These images are of patients who have undergone SmartLipo® procedures. Results may vary.

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SmartLipo® Cost

Tumescent laser liposuction procedures, including SmartLipo®, will range in cost from $2,000 to $4,000 per body area. Innovations Medical prices body areas as pairs, such as both arms, both inner thighs, and both love handles. We divide the abdominal region into upper and lower areas.

If you are comparing pricing for laser liposuction procedures, you need to accurately compare against other providers. Some cosmetic surgeons may not suction an area after using the laser, leaving most of the fat. Others may price by single regions or mark smaller areas.

Innovations Medical is dedicated to serving as full a range of budgets and treatment plans as possible. We offer a range of ways, including financing options, combining treatments, and breaking up procedures to help anyone achieve the right balance of results and value.

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