Body Shaping Treatment & Procedures

Dr. Johnson presents Thermage 16.0 live on Good Morning Texas. Innovations Medical is one of the top Thermage providers in the United States and has been acknowledged for our continued excellence in Thermage treatments and procedures.

Innovations Medical offers 3 primary body shaping procedures. These procedures, SmartLipo and Thermage, use the best available technology and offer significant improvements over traditional body shaping techniques such as liposuction. Depending on individual condition and desired results, we can often combine these procedures to create a custom program of treatment to maximize patient benefit.

SmartLipo Revolutionary Procedure to Melt Away Fat

SmartLipo liposuction treatment uses lasers to melt away fat in the treatment area. The benefits of SmartLipo are an extremely small incision size, resulting in minimal scarring, and collagen stimulation of the treatment area, resulting in less loose skin in the treatment area. This is the preferred procedure for small fat deposits.

Thermage DC Deep Contour Body Shaping In Dallas

The Deep Contour Body Shaping procedure from the #1 Thermage® practice in the United States can help tighten, firm, and shape the body in a single treatment, without surgery or injections, all with little or no downtime. This is an ideal treatment for patients who are not significantly overweight but are looking for deep tightening of sagging skin and reduction of unwanted bulges.

Vibro Liposuction (VAL) – The Better & More Comfortable Liposuction

The Vibro Liposuction procedure allows Dr. Johnson to remove fat faster while increasing patient comfort and reducing patient downtime. Vibro Liposuction is also extensively used at Innovations Medical for fat harvesting during Dr. Johnson’s fat transfer procedures. Vibro Liposuction is performed at our Dallas and Fort Worth locations. Vibro Lipo is also known as Tickle Lipo in the United States.

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