What areas of my body can I get liposuction?

New lipo procedures offer less discomfort, less downtime, and faster recovery with less bruising and post-operative pain when compared to traditional liposuction. Thermage melts fat and stimulates the formation of new collagen, resulting in firmer, tighter skin.

When considering liposuction as a cosmetic alternative, it can be very helpful to look at specific body areas. Liposuction can be done almost anywhere there is body fat. However, several body areas are done commonly and have well established – excellent results. The most popular areas are:

  • Abdomen or tummy. This includes upper and lower abdomen. Sometimes the area just above the pubic bone (suprapubic) is also done.
  • Lateral abdomen or love handles.
  • Abdominal sculpting is very popular when upper and lower abdomen with love handles is done together. Abdominal sculpting allows enhancement of the abdominal muscles to produce a six pack look.
  • Inner thighs. This can help eliminate thighs rubbing together.
  • Outer thighs or saddlebags.

Smart Lipo Body Areas

Several other areas are also commonly done. SmartLipo with its skin tightening ability has increased the popularity of these areas.

These areas include:

  • Upper Arms
  • Neck and Jowls
  • Knees
  • Male Breast Reduction

Finally, there are some areas that are done less frequently, but still can produce excellent results. These include:

  • Upper back (bra-line)
  • Calves and ankles
  • Sacrum (the lower middle back)
  • Buttocks

For more detailed information on our liposuction treatments, please see the pages corresponding to the various liposuction procedures, available under the liposuction menu above.