More About Minimally and Non-Invasive Procedures

Looking for body sculpting procedures, but don’t want the surgery?

Do you want to make changes to your body to get the shape you’ve always wanted but without the risks, recovery, and downtime of invasive cosmetic surgery? You can still change your look with minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Advances in technology and medicine have made it possible to resculpt, reshape and rejuvenate the body and skin with fewer incisions and faster recovery times. Learn more about the non-invasive cosmetic procedures offered by Innovations Medical.


At or near your goal weight but have stubborn fat in some areas that won’t budge even with exercise and a healthy diet? You’re not alone. Many individuals have stubborn fat in areas like the thighs, midsection and upper arms that won’t go away no matter how hard they work out. Liposuction can help get rid of this stubborn fat in many different body areas. Innovations uses Smart Lipo, which can not only eliminate fat, but also help boost collagen production and tighten the skin and tissues in treated areas. This added benefit leaves you with a shapelier result without major surgery and all that comes with full body-lift procedures.

Fat Transfer

While some people want to get rid of fat from body areas, others want to add fat to specific body areas. Dr. Johnson performs autologous fat transfers that take fat from one part of your body (i.e., the midsection or lower back) and transfer it to another part of your body, such as your buttocks for a Brazilian butt-lift or your breasts for a natural breast augmentation.

Body Shaping

Want to reshape your body, but don’t want liposuction? Think about Thermage, a skin-tightening treatment that can reshape your body without surgery, injections and with little to no downtime. Thermage can be used to tighten loose skin and tissue in virtually any body area. The treatment is ideal for patients who are looking for a reduction of unwanted bulges in the midsection, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

Cellulite Reduction

Want to improve the appearance of cellulite? Ask about Legend skin tightening with radiofrequency. The radiofrequency energy of Legend helps to tighten the skin, which improves the appearance of cellulite. No medications are required, and there is no downtime after the procedure. You can return to work or normal activities immediately afterward.

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