Legend Progressive Skin Tightening

Legend uses radio frequency energy in an innovative way to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. Not only does legend use radio frequency in an innovative manner, it adds leading edge real-time temperature monitoring to increase effectiveness and safety. Legend provides progressive skin tightening Dallas and is pain-free. No medications are required and there is no down-time after the procedure. You can return to work or normal activities immediately afterwards.

What Does Legend Prgoressive Skin Tightening Actually Do?

Legend Skin Tightening Dallas

Radio frequency energy works by heating water inside the tissue of the treatment area. Legend Progressive Skin Tightening heats the tissue to 40-42º Celsius or C (104-107º Fahrenheit) in a gradual and controlled manner. Legend is coupled with a specialized real time infra-red video camera that allows the operator to tightly control the amount of heating generated. The infra-red video camera helps to assure the effectiveness of treatment by assuring we receive the benefits of tissue heating. The infra-red video also adds to the safety and comfort of the procedure by assuring excessive heating does not occur.

Why Would I Want to Heat My Skin and Tissues?

Heating the tissue to 40-42º C generates a number of beneficial effects. First, collagen molecules respond to the heat by shortening. Collagen is the main supporting protein of our skin. Loss and aging of collagen is responsible for most of the sagging and wrinkling we associate with age. Shortening collagen with heat generates some immediate skin tightening in the Legend treatment area. Many patients see benefit from the first treatment due to the immediate tightening. This tightening is just a taste of the benefits to come. The heating of tissue and shortening of collagen also starts a healing response. It is the healing response that really gives some exciting benefits.

What are the Benefits of the Healing Response Legend Generates?

Heating tissues to 40-42º C generate a beneficial healing response. Chemical messengers called growth factors are released to begin the healing response. The healing response rejuvenates the skin. Specialized cells from the body are called in to remove the shortened collagen and respond to other changes caused by the heating of the tissue. You can think of this as cleaning out the older aging collagen. Other cells called fibroblasts respond to the growth factors by laying down new collagen. Over time, much more collagen new collagen is produced than was originally present. This results in better supported, healthier skin. As the new collagen fibers mature, they twist together. Twisting results in stronger support and tighter tissue, much like twisting a towel. The final result is firmer, tighter skin and connective tissue. We also typically see an improvement in thin skin that is so common with age or sun damage. Benefits continue to increase for several months after treatment.