Thicker, Faster Growing Hair

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Thicker

A full head of hair is something that people have always desired. People from all walks of life, from celebrities to your neighbor, use hairpieces, extensions, and wigs to make their hair thicker and more luxurious. And it seems like every shampoo commercial shows someone with thick, gorgeous hair. While it can be easy to […]

Is a Fue Hair Transplant Safe

Is a FUE Hair Transplant Safe?

Hair loss is one of those things that, although in the big scheme of things may be considered harmless, can have a significant effect on a person’s self-esteem. Therefore, if you’ve recently noticed that you’re balding — or losing more hair than usual — you may be wondering what you can do to fix it. […]

Early Signs of Balding Hair Loss

Early Signs of Balding

For many people, the concept of hair loss is rarely ever on their radar — until they start noticing it on themselves. All of a sudden, it stays at the mind’s forefront. Can this really be happening? What does this mean? Can I do anything to slow down the process — or prevent it altogether? While some men […]

Can You Get a Hair Transplant Without Shaving Your Head

Can You Get a Hair Transplant Without Shaving Your Head?

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, it’s common to think that they’re mostly done by women. However, about 1.3 million men a year choose to enhance their looks — and thus, their confidence — by getting a tweak here and there. One of the most popular choices is to get hair transplants. What does the process involve? […]

How Early Can Hair Loss Start in Men and Women

How Early Can Hair Loss Start in Men and Women?

You cut, wash, twist, dry, and gel it. From treatments to damaging products, you spend a small portion of your life focused on it — and you probably don’t even notice. It’s your hair. For some people, their hair is part of their identity, while for others, it’s used as an accessory to express themselves. […]


Hair Restoration Near Me

Hair Loss Specialist In Dallas & Fort Worth It can be a real struggle this time of year to think about a perfect gift, unique gift for that special someone. We have an idea for someone struggling with hair loss. Dr. Bill Johnson discusses real medical tools that really work to restore hair. Okay, hair […]


What Can Help Regrow Hair After Chemotherapy?

  What Causes Hair Loss During Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy targets rapidly growing cells, like cancer cells.  Unfortunately, the cells in your hair follicles that produce the hair are also fast growing.  When the chemotherapy makes the cells in the follicles too sick to produce new hair, the existing hair loses its support and falls out. This […]