How to Lose Arm Fat

How to Lose Arm Fat

Many of us find ourselves feeling incredibly self-conscious about our arms, especially when wearing sleeveless tops. Even if you exercise on a regular basis, it can be a challenge to tone specific areas of your body without a little extra help. If you’ve been struggling with your self-confidence surrounding arm fat, you’re not alone. There are several ways to lose that stubborn arm fat.

What causes arm fat?

Before we can learn how to lose arm fat, it’s important to understand what causes fat to build up in this area in the first place. In general, women struggle with arm fat more than men, primarily due to higher estrogen levels. While there are certain things you can do to minimize arm fat, it’s something that many people notice more as they begin to age. Our metabolic rate decreases as we get older, and when we aren’t as physically active, the excess fat often gets stored in this part of the body.

4 Ways to Lose Arm Fat & Get Rid of Flabby Arms

If you’ve been struggling with arm fat for some time now, you might wonder how to lose it. These are just a few of the most effective ways to minimize the storage of fat in this area. Using one or more of these methods together can also improve your results.

1. Exercise More Regularly

The number one cause of arm fat is a lack of physical activity. If you don’t have a regular training routine in place, now is the time to start exercising more often. In order to reduce arm fat, you’ll want to use a combination of weight training and cardio. As far as weights, there are endless exercises you can do, including bicep curls, push-ups, tricep dips, and much more. Either free weights or weight machines will help to do the job, and almost anyone can begin with the lowest weights available.

While weights will help to strengthen and define your muscles, you also need to incorporate some cardio when considering how to lose arm fat. Running, cycling, and swimming are all excellent options, so simply choose the activity that appeals to you most. The unsightly jiggle you experience should be reduced when you regularly train to burn the excess fat stored in this area.

2. Eat a Protein-Rich Diet

While exercise is one part of the equation when it comes to changing our appearance, our diets are just as critical for changing our bodies. We recommend sticking to a protein-rich diet, which should contain a lot of lean meats, healthy grains, dark greens, eggs, and fish. Protein helps to build and repair muscle, so it’s crucial for anyone who is regularly exercising. You’ll see results much quicker when you adjust your diet to benefit your exercise plan.

3. Skin Tightening Treatments

Although working out more and eating a protein-rich diet are two of the best ways to lose arm fat, they take a good amount of time and dedication. Once you start to see results, you may notice that you have loose skin in your arm area. Our team offers a range of skin tightening treatments, such as Thermage or Legend. These treatments target the loose skin that many people feel self-conscious about, leaving you with tightened arms that you’ll be excited to show off next summer.

4. Liposuction

Liposuction is a treatment that most people associate with their waistline and hips, but it can be used to remove fat on a wide range of body parts, such as arms. Our SmartLipo is a revolutionary procedure that uses a laser to melt fat and, more importantly, tighten the skin. This procedure only requires a small incision into the target area, and you’ll find the recovery time to be much shorter than you might expect for this type of procedure.

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