Finally Achieve that Sculpted Shape

Dr. Johnson has the ultimate tool to reshape and sculpt your body. Only guarantees and no gimmicks.

SmartLipo Liposuction for Sculpting and Reshaping Your Body

It seems like every week there is a new gadget or gizmo on the market that promises to slim and trim you to the body of your dreams. Some of these products you wear, some you ingest – in pill, shake, or microwave meal form and some are for exercise. Several products on the market claim to reshape your body by physically breaking down cellulite as they’re rolled or maneuvered over your body. While these products may make some big claims, Dr. Johnson has the ultimate tool to reshape and sculpt your body. It’s called SmartLipo.

Liposuction is a procedure that has long been in use and is known to be extremely safe, especially when performed by skilled physicians like Dr. Johnson. SmartLipo is very precise, and because of this, Dr. Johnson is able to give patients the shape and curves they want. The results of SmartLipo are long-lasting, and SmartLipo has a significant benefit over other liposuction procedures because it not only removes unwanted fat but it also invokes collagen production. This collagen production helps to tighten the skin, and leaves it about 30 percent tighter than other procedures. This skin tightening benefit gives the area of treatment a much tighter final result and lends to a more shapely final appearance.

SmartLipo is a type of liposuction that is minimally invasive and uses just a tiny incision in the area of treatment. Patients stay awake throughout the procedure, numbed with tumescent fluid, instead of under general anesthesia.   Dr. Johnson performs SmartLipo Laser Liposuction in the office, and the procedure is relatively quick. While there is minimal swelling and bruising after the procedure, it goes away quickly, and patients can get back to work very soon after their liposuction, usually in just 1 or 2 days. Results are long-lasting and immediately noticeable. Smartlipo liposuction is performed at both our Dallas and Fort Worth medical offices.

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