Collagen is Critical for Great Looking Skin

Some individuals are now turning to a new way to get their collagen- they’re putting this powdered protein in their coffee. Dr. Johnson covers collagen, and the best way to get in this blog.
We talk a lot about collagen here at Innovations Medical. Many of the treatments we offer either contain collagen or promote collagen production for skin tightening benefits. In recent years, some people have taken to drinking bone broth in hopes that it will yield collagen-boosting benefits and fight against aging. Some individuals are now turning to a new way to get their collagen- they’re putting this powdered protein in their coffee.
Collagen is a natural body protein responsible for giving the skin its structure and strength. Collagen is also a critical component of the skin cell regeneration process. It is also the most abundant protein in the body- with over 50 percent of it being found in the skin. Collagen production slows down as we age, leaving the skin without the support it needs and susceptible to wrinkles, sagging, and creases.
Claims that support the adding of collagen to foods and drinks boost ingesting it provides anti-aging benefits that beat out the benefits of skin rejuvenating treatments. However, there is not much evidence to substantiate the claim that adding collagen to your cup of Joe or any other food for that matter is going to yield many benefits to the skin. Some collagen powder peddlers note that their claims are not substantiated by the FDA, and while studies conducted have shown a reduction in wrinkles in some individuals, research and testing have been limited.
It does, however, have proven benefits for joint and bone health. It can add a significant amount of protein to the diet, with two tablespoons of the powder containing 10 grams of protein.
So while collagen does have body benefits, Dr. Johnson suggests sticking to proven skin rejuvenating treatments that are known to boost collagen and tighten the skin for a more youthful appearance. Fraxel Laser is one of Innovations Medical’s offerings that does just that. The VI Peel is also a great choice to generate collagen for skin tightening. Don’t forget Thermage, too!
Dr. Johnson agrees that there are definitely foods that benefit the skin. For example, foods high in vitamin C help collagen production, and foods rich in vitamins E and beta-carotene help fight against sun damage. Innovations Medical provides skin rejuvenating procedures at both our Dallas and Fort Worth practice locations.
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