Can You Break Up Cosmetic Procedures?

Can You Break Up Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Johnson and the team at Innovations Medical are dedicated to meeting your needs by delivering personalized care and individualized treatment plans. We’re here to answer your questions about what to expect during treatment, and how to schedule and space out your procedures to meet your lifestyle needs. Some of our most frequently asked questions are about breaking up cosmetic procedures into multiple parts, and whether this is possible or preferred.

The answer depends on a number of factors, including the specific procedure or procedures, and your needs and goals as a client. In many cases, Dr. Johnson will recommend breaking up a cosmetic procedure or related cosmetic procedures into multiple parts to ensure an optimal outcome. In other cases, clients may decide spacing out procedures better meets lifestyle or financial concerns.

The following guide to breaking up your cosmetic procedures will help you make this decision on an informed and confident basis. By understanding the potential benefits and reasons to split up a procedure, as well as the types of treatments that make the most sense to space out, you can work with us to create the best plan for you.

What are the benefits of splitting up cosmetic procedures?

People who choose cosmetic procedures have a wide range of reasons for undergoing surgery and goals they are looking to achieve. In some situations, a single procedure may represent the most effective and expedient treatment option, but this isn’t always the case. Here are three of the primary reasons our clients often opt to break up their cosmetic procedures:

Financial Benefits: Cost is a key part of the decision-making process for most people considering cosmetic surgery. Most of us don’t have an unlimited budget for cosmetic surgery, but spreading out sessions over months or years can make a specific objective that much more attainable. We welcome any discussion about the possibility of breaking up cosmetic procedures to meet an individual budget.

Safety Considerations: So many clients are excited about the prospect of cosmetic procedures and seeing results as soon as possible. This excitement can lead to situations where some people want to push the limits of what can be accomplished in a single session. At Innovations Medical, Dr. Johnson and the entire team are committed to patient safety. This includes breaking up procedures to ensure the best possible outcome and long-term results.

Comfort and Recovery: Cosmetic procedures are still surgery, and that means thinking about and planning for recovery. Even the most minimally invasive procedures will involve some level of postsurgical discomfort. While it may be tempting to get everything out of the way in a single session, the effects of recovery can often be more than the sum of its parts. Many patients report a comfortable, manageable recovery by breaking their cosmetic treatment plan up into smaller parts.

Everyone is different and will have different goals, budgets, timeframes, and comfort levels. This is why it’s so important to work closely with your team and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

What procedures make the most sense to break up?

With the variety of procedures we offer at Innovations Medical, there are a large number of ways to break up or spread out your sessions based on your specific needs. Here are just a few examples of the highly personalized cosmetic treatments we are able to create:

  • For body shaping, many people opt for abdominal work in one session and love handle reduction in another
  • In more extensive cases, we can perform procedures for the upper abs, lower abs, love handles, mid back, upper back, and thighs spaced out at different times
  • Patients who want certain results from buttock and breast procedures can achieve their goals more safely and effectively over multiple sessions

What kind of timeframes does our team recommend? For fat transfer, patients are typically recommended to undergo follow-up procedures in the same area at a six-month interval. For liposuction, we recommend waiting four to six weeks between procedures. Some cases can be done closer together based on the discussion with your doctor. Breast and buttock procedures are best done in separate procedures spaced about two to four weeks apart.

We welcome any questions and promise to work closely with you to develop a plan that fits your lifestyle, budget, and schedule.

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