What Is Lipo 360?

What Is Lipo 360?

What is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 is a term that has become something of a buzzword in the world of cosmetic procedures. It is used so often and has become so popular that there are many different approaches to this technique. This is because Lipo 360 is a general term and does not refer to an exact liposuction procedure or liposuction device.

As the name suggests, Lipo 360, or 360 degree liposuction, is a body sculpting cosmetic procedure that aims to deliver a full 360 degrees of unsightly fat removal around the full midsection. This can include the upper and lower abdominal region, obliques, and love handles, as well as mid and lower back fat. With the sheer variation in approaches to this type of body sculpting, truly no two procedures are alike.

To help guide and inform your treatment decisions, we’re sharing the following overview. Dr. Bill Johnson and the entire Innovations Medical team perform advanced body sculpting liposuction procedures at our state-of-the-art clinics. Read on to learn more about our unique approach to Lipo 360 and what sets it apart from other techniques.

How does Lipo 360 work?

According to Dr. Johnson, the Innovations Medical Lipo 360 procedures will start with the upper and lower abdomen lipo, also called a standard abdomen lovehandle. This starts from just below the breasts to all the way down to just above the pelvis.

Next, the procedure will move around to the sides, most of the way to the spine. This phase of the procedure is known as an anterior lateral abdomen lipo, and can also include the mid-back area just below the bra line in women.

Dr. Johnson stresses that a true 360 degree liposuction, going all the way around the midsection, should also include the very center of the rear midsection. This would encompass the sacrum at the base of the spine and the area just above it underneath the bra line. He urges anyone considering a Lipo 360 procedure to ask questions about their procedure and have a clear understanding of exactly where the procedure will be performed.

Lipo 360 can typically be performed using the normal range of standard liposuction techniques.

What are the benefits of Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 can help anyone looking to reach appearance goals and achieve a slimmer and smoother midsection. Benefits include:

  • Flatter belly
  • Reduction in love handles
  • A smoother and all-around proportional appearance
  • No more “muffin tops” or other bulges when wearing your favorite clothing
  • Can be combined with body sculpting and fat grafting procedures in the upper and lower body, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift to achieve the beach body of your dreams

If you have reached weight loss goals through diet and exercise, but you are still dealing with problem areas, Lipo 360 can be a highly effective solution.

Who is an ideal candidate for Lipo 360?

Patients with excess fat throughout the midsection who still have good skin elasticity are the best candidates for Lipo 360. Lipo 360 is not a weight loss solution, and ideal candidates should be at a healthy weight and in overall good health. You can receive additional information about becoming a candidate for procedures during a consultation.

How much does Lipo 360 cost?

Prices can vary according to patient size, length of the procedure, and the type of anesthesia used. At Innovations Medical Liposuction procedures involving local anesthesia range from $2,000 to $4,000 per body area. Procedures requiring general anesthesia traditionally add another $2,500-6,000 for the facility and anesthesiology.

When comparing pricing for a procedure like Lipo 360, patients should always make sure they are comparing similar procedures. Always ask about everything a procedure includes. Cosmetic procedures involve changes to your body and are a major financial investment, so in-person consultation and personalized planning and pricing are essential.

Innovations Medical is dedicated to making the process as easy as possible for patients to undergo Liposuction. We offer flexible scheduling and financing options that can help break up procedures and spread out treatment costs. Dr. Johnson and our team can work with patients to create care plans that meet a wide range of budgets.

Lipo 360 Recovery

After the procedure, you will receive an individualized recovery plan. In general, you can expect to resume most daily activities within a few days, and more strenuous physical activity after two to three weeks. Minor soreness, swelling, and bruising is normal, but patients should contact their surgical provider or physician immediately if there is severe pain, bleeding, or any signs of infection.

Lipo 360 Results

Results will begin to be noticeable after the swelling subsides, with full results visible within two to three months. With a healthy diet and exercise, Lipo 360 can provide satisfying long-term results.

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