What Are The Causes Of Uneven Breasts

Natural breast augmentation can help treat women with uneven breasts.

It may surprise you, but 25 percent of women have breasts that are different sizes. The difference between their breasts may be slight or significant, but this common problem is causing some women to seek out the natural breast augmentation procedure performed by Dr. Johnson.

What Causes Uneven Breasts?

Researchers have not pinpointed definitive reason breasts develop to be different sizes, but some theories include Natural Growth. Natural growth means that your breasts just developed into different sizes naturally. Not everything on your body is perfectly symmetrical. Your eyes could be a little uneven, your ears may be shaped differently or one of your legs may be a bit longer than the other (but don’t rush to the mirror looking for flaws!). It just happens as a normal part of growth. In this instance, Dr. Johnson can perform natural breast augmentation by taking fat from one area of your body to fill out one or both breasts to make them the same size.

Hormonal Changes Can Cause Uneven Breast Size

Hormonal changes brought on by puberty can cause one breast to grow larger than the other. Typically, the breasts even out after puberty, but this is not the case for all women. The hormonal changes of pregnancy and breastfeeding also impact the breasts, causing many women to end up with breasts that are uneven. Fat transfers are also beneficial for women with this kind of breast asymmetry.

Medical Conditions Can Cause Uneven Breast Size

Conditions like scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, can make the breasts appear to be different in size. Another medical condition known as hypertrophy of the breast can cause one breast to grow noticeably larger than the other. Tuberous breast syndrome is a medical condition that also impacts the breasts, causing them to develop into a tube-like shape.

Natural breast augmentation can benefit women with these medical conditions by filling out the breasts to achieve symmetry or more natural shape. The natural breast augmentation procedure is also an excellent option for women whose breasts have changed due to weight loss or aging.

Fat Transfer Natural Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer for uneven breast size is a relatively new procedure as an alternative to breast implants. The procedure works by removing fat from the patient’s own body, processing the fat to remove impurities and to concentrate the fat cells, and re-injecting the fat into the breast. See our website to read about Natural Breast Augmentation.

Who is a Good Candidate for Natural Breast Fat Transfer?

Women with a large A to double D cup size that want to increase the size of their breast or to even the size of both breasts. See our blog Breast Cup Size Explained. Women who do not like how the top portion of their clothes fit. Women who have experienced unevenness or droopiness of the breast after:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight loss
  • Result of aging
  • Women with one breast larger than the other; and
  • Women who have breast implants removed for capsule formation or leakage.

Who is NOT a Good Candidate for Breast Fat Transfer?

  •  Women with breast implants in place
  • Women with very small breasts (less than a full A cup)
  • Women with extremely droopy breasts. For example: if the breast overlaps the skin underneath by more than 4 inches,
  • Extremely slender women that do not have adequate fat to transfer to other body areas.

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