Breast Cup Size Explained: How Much Fat Do You Need For Fat Transfer

They say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But don’t you sometimes wish that you could change your body and feel better about yourself? Yes, you can go to the gym every day or cut your calories in half, but it still won’t give you the shape you desire.

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical explains how to shape your body and enhance your breasts.

Liposuction and breast augmentation through fat transfer are the procedures that will make these changes possible. The fat harvested from liposuction is the same fat that will be injected into the breasts. These injections are safe and can be done in the office under local anesthesia. The procedures are very affordable too and folks at all income levels can have cosmetic work done.

Advantages of Breast Augmentation

Some advantages of breast augmentation using fat transfer are body shaping by liposuction, normal shape, normal texture or “feel”, no reaction/capsule, and most importantly, there’s no foreign body. It’s all you! Dr. Johnson also explains that a lot of women have the idea that cup size is the most important thing, but what you want is more projection. You want your breast to stand out more. As you increase your chest size, you also increase your cup size. So your chest size has a lot to do with how much fat or volume it takes to go up a cup size.

How Much Fat Do You Need for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Take a look at these figures:

Equivalent Cup Sizes

  • 32D equals 34C equals 36B
  • 34DD equals 36D equals 38C

Fat Needed to Increase One Cup Size

  • 32 chest needs 200-250cc (6.5-7 oz.)
  • 34 chest needs 300-400cc (10-13 oz.)
  • 36-38 chest needs 500-600cc (17-20 oz.)

Good candidates for breast augmentation are those who have experienced breast droop over the years, those who want volume or a younger, youthful shape, and those who may not particularly like how their upper breast area looks when they have clothes.

If you think that breast augmentation is the right procedure to achieve the fabulous you, come in for a free consultation.

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