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About Brazillian Butt-Lift

You probably know that faces come in different shapes: round, square, heart-shaped and even diamond. But, did you know butts come in different shapes, too? While you may already know about the upside-down heart, also known as apple bottom, you probably didn’t know about other shapes, like the cliff, the inverted V or the square. This is perhaps because many people living with these shapes want a rounder and curvier appearance. If you’ve got one of these shapes and you want more to your backside, you’ve got Dr. Bill Johnson and we’ve got the Brazilian Butt-Lift & the new 3D BBL.

The Five Shapes

1. Upside-Down Heart. Some believe that the upside-down heart is the most desired buttock shape. With the upside-down heart, the buttock and the hips are rounded, and there is more volume at the bottom outside portion of the buttocks.

2. Round. Also a desirable shape, the round booty is what you would see on J.Lo or any of the Kardashian sisters.

3. Square. The square is not the most popular shape, but it is the most common shape and tends to be the butt you see on younger women. Women with square-shaped buttocks have a boxy appearance, caused by hips and pelvis being the same width.

4. The V-Shape. Also known as the “inverted shape.” Women who have the V-shape have shoulders wider than their hips, which creates a narrow V-shape appearance to their backside. The opposite of the V is the A-shape, in which women have wider hips and narrow shoulders, giving their backside the appearance of a capital A.

5. The Cliff. The cliff shape entails a large upper buttock area with a drop-off – or “cliff” – to a flat lower buttock.

So, if you have a heart-shaped or round butt, you’re probably pretty happy. But, if you have a square, V-shape or cliff, you may want to change your shape. If squats and the Stairmaster aren’t helping, you may be a good candidate for the 3D Brazilian Butt-Lift.

How Is the 3D Brazilian Butt-Lift Different from the Regular BBL?

3D BBL is different from the regular BBL because instead of just the fat transfer associated with the regular BBL, it combines liposuction, laser skin tightening and the fat transfer to address various shape, size and curve issues. Putting the three services together gives Dr. Johnson a significant advantage in treating unusual shapes like the cliff, square and V-shape buttocks. The procedure also allows Dr. Johnson to address each buttock for its own particular issues to give you the butt you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Johnson offers the 3D BBL procedure at Innovations Medical in Dallas and Fort Worth. Find out if this procedure is right for you by scheduling a consultation today by calling 214-643-8665.