What is different about 3D BBL?

A regular fat transfer to the buttocks or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) using fat from another body area and injects it into the buttocks to lift and enhance.  The 3D BBL takes this the next step.  In addition to injecting fat into the buttocks, 3D BBL uses carefully planned and performed liposuction on the buttocks and lower back.  This allows patients with certain body and buttock shapes to see better results from their BBL procedure.  The three most common shapes that can really benefit from 3D BBL are: Cliff shape, V shape and Square shape.  In addition, many patients who desire a BBL but have been told they do not have enough fat for the procedure.  3D BBL can get better results for patients with limited amounts of fat.  Read more below to learn more about what patients and buttock shapes benefit most.


Q: 1. How does 3D BBL help the Cliff shape?

Patients with the cliff shape have prominent upper buttocks and flat lower buttocks.
how does 3d bbl help the cliff shape
Since most patient desire round buttocks, the cliff shape can be very challenging. Simply put, the skin of the lower buttocks will not stretch enough to make the buttocks round.
flat buttocks
The upper portion needs to be trimmed with liposuction. Then a nice round shape can be achieved.
liposuction with skin tightening
With the 3D BBL approach, the final results are much rounder and more shapely.
before after 3d bbl

Q: 2. How does 3D BBL help the V shape buttocks?

V Shape buttocks are common and present different challenges from the cliff shape (although some women have aspects of both shapes). V Shape often have an extension or “doggy ear” on the lower inner part of the buttocks. Also, since a full lower outer buttock tends to be more attractive and desirable, it can be challenging getting to this shape.
v shape buttocks
3D BBL adds liposuction to trim not only the doggy ears, but the upper lateral buttocks (green areas) prior to injecting fat into the buttocks
3d bbl liposuction
Now we have a shape that will allow the skin to stretch and fat to form a more attractive shape (green is transferred fat).
before after v shape 3d bbl

Q: 3. How does 3D BBL help the Square shape buttocks?

Square buttocks are similar to V Shaped buttocks in approach. The lower inner extensions or “doggy ears” are frequently present. The upper outer buttocks often need are an undesirable shape as well.
square shape buttocks
3D BBL uses liposuction again to trim the doggy ears and upper outer buttocks (green areas). This decreases the amount of fat required to get a round lower and outer buttock shape. Without the liposuction, the skin often will not stretch to the desired shape or the buttock may remain too flat.
square shape buttocks liposuction
Now when fat is injected (green areas) we can achieve a round, attractive shape and avoid flat areas much better than BBL alone can.
before after square shape buttocks

Q: 4. How does 3D BBL help when limited fat is available?

In slender individuals or those with previous cosmetic procedures, it can be difficult to find the 300-500 cc of fat needed to give a good standard BBL result. Adding a small amount of liposuction to these patient not only supplies a little bit of fat, it allows smaller amounts of fat injected to get a more desirable outcome just as we have described above with the various shapes.

Q: 4. How do I know if a 3D BBL is right for me?

Finding out if a 3D BBL is right for you is easy. Click on the consultation button on the upper right part of the page or call one of the phone numbers below. Our trained consultants can guide you to the best way to get a great bottom.