Making a Good Thing Even Better!

What Will Be The Consequences?

Losing weight is a great thing but can mean sagging skin for many people.
Losing weight is a great thing! It can improve your health, allow you to be more active and help build your confidence. However, losing weight can bring some unintended consequences.

Loose Skin Result of Weight Loss

One of the consequences of weight loss is loose skin. Many individuals who lose a significant amount of weight or lose weight too quickly can end up with sagging, loose skin that makes them feel self-conscious about their new bodies. It can also make their clothes fit improperly, which can often compound feelings of embarrassment or insecurity. Innovations Medical Center can help reduce loose skin for some individuals.

What Causes Loose Skin to Develop?

When an individual gains weight, the skin stretches to accommodate increased layers of fat that lie below its surface. The increased fat keeps the skin tight and smooth. When that fat decreases as a result of diet, exercise or bariatric surgery, the skin that was once stretched goes slack and begins to sag. This is not to say that every individual who loses a significant amount of weight will have this experience. Other factors in how the skin changes after weight loss include how much weight was gained and lost, muscle mass, age, and genetics.

Another Factor in Sagging Skin There’s one more thing that factors into sagging skin after weight loss, and that’s how fast an individual loses weight. If a person follows a healthy diet and exercise routine and drops one to two pounds a week, sagging skin may be minimized. If an individual loses weight rapidly, like after bariatric surgery, that person may have an increased risk for sagging skin.

Exercise to Help Decrease Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

How to Mitigate Sagging Skin One way to reduce the risk of developing sagging skin is to increase your muscle tissue, or at least maintain it. Muscle tissue lies just below the fat layer under the skin, so when muscle tissue is increased, it can help boost up the remaining fat volume and smooth out the skin. If muscle atrophy occurs during or after weight loss, the skin will become loose and sag. You can help keep or increase your muscle tissue while dieting by  • Losing weight slowly by eating an appropriate number of calories to lose one to two pounds per week.  • Exercising regularly using weights and cardio in a doctor-approved exercise plan.

Cosmetic Treatment Options for Loose and Sagging Skin:

Thermage Radiofrequency Skin-Tightening for Sagging Skin

How Can Innovations Medical Help Treat Sagging Skin? Innovations Medical can help treat sagging skin through Thermage, a revolutionary radiofrequency skin-tightening treatment that targets your skin and the layers below to pull the loose skin tighter.
Thermage also causes increased collagen production, which helps to pull the skin tighter. Thermage is an excellent treatment for people who have mild to moderate skin sagging. Some patients may require more than one treatment for optimal results. Visit our Thermage page

Legend Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening

We also offer Legend radiofrequency skin tightening as a solution for mild to moderate skin sagging.  Moderate to severe sagging skin can be treated through procedures such as the awake tummy tuck procedure. During this procedure, excess skin in the abdominal area is removed and the treated area is tightened, leaving you with a new curvy, smooth shape. Visit our page at

SmartLipo for Skin Tightening

Smart Lipo is another option offered by Innovations Medical for those who want to treat their moderate to severe sagging skin. Smart Lipo is not just for getting rid of stubborn fat; it also triggers the body to produce new collagen, which pulls the skin tighter

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