How To Reduce Bra Fat

You might be surprised to know that one of the most popular add on liposuction areas at Innovations Medical is the back bra fat.  Most patients that come in for abdomen liposuction also have a small amount of fat located where the bra strap sits.  This fat is not treated with a normal abdominal liposuction procedure but can be added very easily.  Tickle liposuction, (see our page Tickle/Vibro Liposuction)  is used to remove the fat, and then Smartlipo is used to help tighten the skin.

Liposuction for Back Bra Fat

Adding the back bra fat area to your procedure will add about 30 to 45 extra minutes to your surgery.  The cost will depend on how large the area is, but ranges between $1500 to $2500.  Now, if you are also considering doing a fat transfer during your visit, we typically discourage the use of this bra fat for fat transfer.  The fat from the bra fat area is very fibrous and does not survive well in fat transfer locations.  What does fibrous mean?  To put this into perspective, compare it to gristle.  It’s a tough, scar tissue consistency that does nothing for a fat transfer location.  If you have no other area to harvest fat from except the back bra, then you must use it, but if you have other options, it’s always best to go with those first.

For more information about the back bra area, or if you would like to add it to your surgery, contact our office at(214) 643-8665.