How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

How Long do Breast Implants Last

Even the most confident person can dislike how something on their body looks. Often, this problem area tends to be the chest. Men may have difficulty filling out their chest despite their regular workout routine, and some women may dislike the look of their breasts after they’ve stopped breastfeeding. Whatever the reason may be, there are many options when it comes to enhancing your chest size. But, what are they, and how long does each option last?

Breast Implants vs Natural Breast Augmentation

When most people hear about breast enhancements, their first thought usually goes to breast implants. Breast implants typically use a saline or silicone shell to enlarge the look of the breast. Due to the nature of the shell, breast implants help prevent some sagging, but they are only made to last so long before they need to be replaced. Natural breast augmentation — also called breast fat transfer — uses fat from another part of your body to enlarge the breasts. Unlike breast implants, fat transfer is natural and semi-permanent.

Pros & Cons of Breast Enhancement Options

Breast Implant: Silicone

Silicone implants use a gel shell that some people find the most natural-looking of the implant options. They are available as round or tear-drop shaped — known as gummy bear implants. The biggest pro to silicone implants is that they hold their shape, and even if they rupture, they will often stay in place. Silicone implants can last 10 – 15 years, but most people have them replaced between eight to 10 years.

In some cases, the tissue around implants can harden and cause pain, tenderness, and cosmetic changes in the breast. This can happen multiple times — even if the implant is adjusted. These silicone implants can also ripple or change position, which sometimes is seen through the skin or causes your breast to look differently. If this happens, you’ll likely want to get them removed or replaced. And, should you ever need to permanently remove your implants, you may experience cosmetic abnormalities — such as sagging, deflating, dimpling, and/or asymmetry.

Breast Implant: Saline

Saline implants include a silicone shell that’s filled with sterile saline water. The shell is inserted first and then filled during surgery with the saltwater solution. Should the implant rupture, the sterile solution will safely be absorbed into your body. Saline implants also last 10 – 15 years, but they are often less expensive than silicone implants.

Perhaps the biggest con to saline implants is that they can often rupture and deflate your breast. Despite it being safe when this happens, it’s often noticeable. Ruptures can happen slowly over time or all at once. As with silicone implants, the saline option can also cause tissue hardening, ripples, and change positions. While it’s meant to eliminate the effects of sagging, changes in weight or the wrong position can cause sagging anyway. It should be noted that due to the cons of these implant options, Innovations Medical does not offer either of these cosmetic enhancements.

Breast Augmentation

Unlike breast implants, natural breast augmentation produces a more natural-looking/feeling breast because it’s using your existing fat. And, because it’s your own fat, there’s zero chance of your body rejecting it or reacting poorly to it. With natural breast augmentation, you get a more natural drape of the breast — meaning the frame of your breast won’t look unnatural, which can be a concern. This option is also semi-permanent and does not need to be removed (unless a reduction is later desired).

Natural breast augmentation will naturally sag with time as a natural breast does, unlike implants that help prevent sagging. And, while the procedure is semi-permanent, fluctuations in your weight can impact the size of your breasts. If you gain weight, the breasts may become bigger, and the reverse is also true — if you lose weight, they may become smaller.

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