Stem Cells for COVID 19

Stem Cells for COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

How does COVID 19 Damage the Lungs? By now we have all heard of Coronavirus or COVID 19. Most of us are aware that when it becomes severe, it attacks the lungs and can make you short of breath. Fortunately, most victims of COVID 19 (coronavirus) recover and many have no symptoms at all. However, […]

What is the Difference Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

What is the Difference Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery?

For the average person, cosmetic and plastic surgery are often interchanged terms.  While plastic surgery is typically associated with celebrities, cosmetic surgery tends to be associated with minor enhancements. They’re often lumped together as procedures done to improve a person’s physical appearance, but that’s not exactly the case. Despite the confusion, they are more similar […]

stem cell therapy treatment

Stem Cell Therapy & Treatment: How It Works, What It Treats, & More

Throughout your day-to-day, some things can increase your chances of risks and rewards. If you work hard and prove yourself, the possibility of receiving a promotion at work is higher than if you didn’t. If you play sports, the likelihood of you twisting an ankle may be greater than someone who simply walks on paved sidewalks for […]

stem cell therapy for veterans

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Military Veterans

Friends, family, co-workers, almost everyone knows someone who has served in the military. Those who have served in active duty know that danger can occur around any corner — including open fire, bombs, and other threats. It’s no wonder that many of our military veterans return from duty with lasting battle wounds. Some of the […]

Early Signs of Balding Hair Loss

Early Signs of Balding/Hair Loss

For many people, the concept of hair loss is rarely ever on their radar — until they start noticing it on themselves. All of a sudden, it stays at the mind’s forefront. Can this really be happening? What does this mean? Can I do anything to slow down the process — or prevent it altogether? While some men proudly […]

Stem Cell Therapy Series Healing You

Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing You

When it comes to stem cell therapy, there are a lot of questions — is it ethical, is it safe, how does it work? With all of these concerns and more, it’s important to note that stem cells can be harvested from many sources. Some include bone marrow or umbilical cords, while others use fat […]


Why You Should Add Liposuction to Your Practice

The Benefits of Adding Liposuction to Your Medical Practice The first and most obvious reason to add liposuction to your existing medical practice is money. Liposuction can add a large revenue stream to a practice that is independent of insurance. When Dr. Johnson first started liposuction, he was making more money in the one day […]


Hair Restoration Near Me

Hair Loss Specialist In Dallas & Fort Worth It can be a real struggle this time of year to think about a perfect gift, unique gift for that special someone. We have an idea for someone struggling with hair loss. Dr. Bill Johnson discusses real medical tools that really work to restore hair. Okay, hair […]

Stem Cell Therapy Series Healing Knees

Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing Knees

When you become injured, such as when you get a deep cut, your skin cells, tissue cells, and blood cells become damaged and exposed. A deep cut can generally heal on its own, but what about in the case of people with conditions that make it harder to regenerate these types of cells? And, what […]

Stem Cell Therapy Series Healing Neuropathic Pain

Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing Neuropathic Pain

Pain isn’t something that anyone wants to deal with, but for some people, it’s a normal part of their everyday life. That’s because there are a variety of conditions that cause sudden or shooting pain. This pain is typically categorized as neuropathic and occurs when the nerves of the body have been damaged. While medications […]