Veda Loca Shares Her Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Journey

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery *Dr. Bill Johnson invites 97.9 The Beat’s Veda Loca onto Good Morning Texas Cost For Brazilian Buttock Lift The cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift depends on how many areas of liposuction you require.  At Innovations Medical, we offer a flat fee structure called the Mommy Makeover Basic which makes choosing […]

Is a Fue Hair Transplant Safe

Is a FUE Hair Transplant Safe?

FUE Hair Transplant Balding or losing hair in a specific location of your head is never fun. Especially if you still have perfectly growing hair in other parts of your scalp. Many people think they either need to own their Kevin Malone from The Office look or choose to shave their head entirely – but there is another […]

Stem Cell Therapy And Alcohol What You Need To Know

Stem Cells and Alcohol: What You Need to Know

Avoid Large Amounts Of Alcohol In A day In small amounts such as 1-2 drinks a day, alcohol has little effect on stem cells.  Larger amounts such as 3 or more drinks a day can be toxic, not only to stem cells, but to your body as a whole.  It is a good idea to […]

Which Cosmetic Filler Is Best

Which Cosmetic Filler is Best?

What Cosmetic Filler Is Best For You? We are frequently asked which cosmetic filler is best.  This article will try to help eliminate some of the confusion around cosmetic fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse.  We will also talk about platelet-rich plasma or PRP as a filler, the so-called “Vampire Facial”. Finally, we will […]


Smart Lipo On Arms

Dr. Johnson is Helping Patients Get Their Arms in Shape by Using SmartLipo You do push-ups, curls, and triceps extensions. You bench press and deadlift. You work hard, built muscle, and have toned and tightened your physique. But you still have a trouble spot that refuses to be toned. For many women, this stubborn spot […]


What Causes Crow’s Feet

What Are Crows Feet? If you’re concerned that fine lines near your eyes are saying something about you that isn’t true, it may be time to schedule a consultation to talk about Crows Feet with Dr. Johnson. For very few individuals, fine lines around the eyes make them look distinguished, renowned or esteemed. For the […]


Workplace Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips While At Work Can the workplace cause skin problems? Yes! Are you suffering from breakouts, dry skin or wrinkles? These conditions can be associated with aging, but did you know that the cause of these skin problems can also be traced to your workplace? Office environments are often too hot or too […]


Types Of Gynecomastia

According to the National Institutes of Health, almost 70 percent of men in the United States experience the development of unwanted male breast tissue known as gynecomastia Adult-Onset Gynecomastia Adult-Onset Gynecomastia Gynecomastia can develop in some men during adulthood, too. National Institutes of Health statistics show that around 65 percent of men experience gynecomastia between […]


What Are The Causes Of Uneven Breasts

Natural breast augmentation can help treat women with uneven breasts. It may surprise you, but 25 percent of women have breasts that are different sizes. The difference between their breasts may be slight or significant, but this common problem is causing some women to seek out the natural breast augmentation procedure performed by Dr. Johnson. […]


Recovery Time For Tummy Tuck

About Our Tummy Tuck Procedure The tummy tuck procedure an excellent option to trim the waistline and reshape the midsection after achieving goal weight, but when is it safe to work out after the procedure? Tummy Tuck for Women At or Near Goal Weight If you are considering a tummy tuck, you likely already […]