Stem Cell Therapy Series Healing Neuropathic Pain

Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing Neuropathic Pain

Pain isn’t something that anyone wants to deal with, but for some people, it’s a normal part of their everyday life. That’s because there are a variety of conditions that cause sudden or shooting pain. This pain is typically categorized as neuropathic and occurs when the nerves of the body have been damaged. While medications […]


What Can Help Regrow Hair After Chemotherapy?

  What Causes Hair Loss During Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy targets rapidly growing cells, like cancer cells.  Unfortunately, the cells in your hair follicles that produce the hair are also fast growing.  When the chemotherapy makes the cells in the follicles too sick to produce new hair, the existing hair loses its support and falls out. This […]

Thicker, Faster Growing Hair

How to Get Thicker, Faster Growing Hair

Can I Get Thicker, Faster Growing Hair? This is a question women and many men have asked for centuries.  Many celebrities and models use, hairpieces extensions, and wigs to make their hair more luxurious.  Every shampoo commercial you see shows someone with thick, gorgeous hair.  So is there any way to make your hair grow […]

Stem Cell Therapy Series Healing Heroes

Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing Heroes

About Our Stem Cell Therapy Series In the line of duty, our military heroes are faced with extreme conditions, push through aches and pains, and are often expected to play injured. There isn’t time to rest and recover, and this type of stress put on the body can cause a variety of issues — including knee […]

Stem Cell Therapy Healing Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing Arthritis

Healing Arthritis Dealing with pain is never fun, especially when your choices for relief are so limited. That’s the problem facing individuals with arthritis — including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Whether they experience pain due to an autoimmune disease or because their cartilage wears down over time, stem cell therapy can help heal their condition and reduce […]


What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are special cells that can do two very important things most cells cannot: Stem cells can multiply. Stem cells can turn into other types of cells or tissues. These things are very important because they mean that stem cells have the potential to heal many types of damaged tissue.  In fact, most of […]


Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Stem cells have a variety of uses – from combating aging effects to providing healing benefits for chronic illnesses such as heart failure. A common misconception is that the only types of stem cells viable are embryonic or those taken from umbilical cord blood, but that’s not the case. Adult stem cells come from fat […]

stem cell therapy heals asthma

Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing Asthma

Healing Asthma Stems cells can be used for a variety of medical conditions — from torn ligaments to chronic disorders. But, did you know that stem cells from your own body can be used to fix even the most severe breathing problems? A young man from Texas learned first-hand the capability of stem cells when […]


Veda Loca Shares Her Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Journey

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery *Dr. Bill Johnson invites 97.9 The Beat’s Veda Loca onto Good Morning Texas Cost For Brazilian Buttock Lift The cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift depends on how many areas of liposuction you require.  At Innovations Medical, we offer a flat fee structure called the Mommy Makeover Basic which makes choosing […]

Stem Cell Therapy And Alcohol What You Need To Know

Stem Cells and Alcohol: What You Need to Know

Avoid Large Amounts Of Alcohol In a Day In small amounts such as 1-2 drinks a day, alcohol has little effect on stem cells. Larger amounts such as 3 or more drinks a day can be toxic, not only to stem cells, but to your body as a whole. It is a good idea to […]