Workplace Skin Care Tips

Can the workplace cause skin problems? Yes!

Are you suffering from breakouts, dry skin, or wrinkles? These conditions can be associated with aging, but did you know that the cause of these skin problems can also be traced to your workplace? Office environments are often too hot or too cold, you spend half your day hunched over a phone or keyboard, there are germs all over the breakroom, and workplace stress plays a part in creating bad skin. Before you give your two-week notice, read ahead for suggestions from Innovations Medical on how to save your skin.

Workplace Skin Woes

Dry Skin

Is your skin dry and tight? It may be because of the extreme temperatures in your office or workplace. Many buildings are kept very cold in the summer and very hot in the winter. These extreme temperatures blasting down from vents can dry your skin out. If you’re dealing with dry skin, the solution is a moisturizer. Select a high-quality product to replace skin moisture for your face and neck, and be sure to remember your hands.

Tech Neck

Spend all day slouching or hunched over your computer? Do you look down at your phone or tablet all day? You may be giving yourself “tech neck” – tiny lines and wrinkles that form horizontally across the neck as a result of continually looking down. Fight tech neck by improving your posture and holding your phone or tablet up when you are checking messages.


Do you have persistent acne on your cheeks? It could be from your office phone or cell phone. How often do you clean your office phone anyway? What about your keyboard? Over time, these things collect dirt, oil, and germs that cause acne to develop when you touch them to your face or touch them and then touch your face. Minimize exposure to acne-causing bacteria by cleaning your office items regularly and wiping down your cell phone. Avoiding touching your face can also cut down on acne and breakouts.

Secret Weapon to Save Your Skin

If your workplace is the source of your skin problems, think of skin-rejuvenation treatments from Innovations Medical Center as your secret weapon. Choose from anti-aging procedures such as chemical peels, Fraxel laser skin tightening, and radiofrequency micro-needling with PRP to help fight workplace-related skin problems.

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