What Liposuction Can Do

Liposuction – What Fat Can Be Removed

Liposuction is not just for the stomach.
You know that children’s song, “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes”, right? But have you heard “Back, arms, knees and upper thighs?” It’s a new jam for adults! Well, maybe not, but it is something to think about when you think about all of the places that can be treated with liposuction from Innovations Medical. We bet that you thought that liposuction was only for your midsection “love handle” region. But, did you know that liposuction is such a dynamic body sculpting service that it can treat these areas, too? Here are the details you need:


Back liposuction is a great way to target unwanted back rolls, bulges around your bra or any other fatty lumps, bumps or deposits in the back. Fat deposits that develop in the back are hard to get rid of with diet and exercise.

Upper Arms

Do you get your looks from your mom? What about your upper arms? If you’re sick of unwanted fat in your upper arms and are tired of covering them up through the summer, liposuction can help. As an added bonus, liposuction can help provide skin tightening benefits that can highlight your biceps and triceps, leaving you with a more sculpting look.


Yes, friend! Knees! Knee liposuction is a thing. You may be thinking when would someone actually need (see what we did there?) knee lipo, but fat can form around the knee and want to stay there – even though you eat right and hit the gym. Or, if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, that fat may just not want to go along with the rest of its friends. Knee liposuction is popular for removing fat and helping to give a sexier shape to the leg.

Upper Thighs

The fat found in the upper, outer thigh region is stubborn. In fact, we think it is the most stubborn fat of all fats. All the leg lifts, stair stepper, and cardio can tone those quads and hammies but may not get rid of fat that is holding on for dear life. But, liposuction can. Banish saddlebags for ever with liposuction and get a new shape that compliments your hard work in the gym.

Liposuction not only removes fat but also kicks in the body’s collagen production response, which pulls the skin tighter. This is an added benefit and helps to give you more shape and curves. If you’ve been considering liposuction or are interested in liposuction for any of these body areas, now’s your chance!

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