What is the 3D Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, has been the fastest growing cosmetic procedure for the last several years. It can make a great difference for many patients, giving them the derriere they desire. Unfortunately, not all buttocks are created alike. For those who already like their shape or only want to be a little rounder or a little bigger, fat transfer alone works great. For others, fat transfer alone really can’t get them the shape they want. For those patients, there is 3D BBL.

What is the 3D Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

3D BBL combines liposuction and laser skin tightening on some areas of the buttock with fat transfer to other areas. This powerful combination can result in a more attractive and sexier result than either technique alone. The key is knowing how to address each buttock shape for the best result.

Different Types of BBL Shapes

There are several shapes that can benefit from 3D BBL. Even really nice buttocks may benefit from a small “tweak” here and there. However, there are 3 shapes that are commonly seen:

  1. The cliff shape. Large upper buttock with flat lower buttock.
  2. The square shape, especially when the lower “doggy ears” are present.
  3. The “V” shape.

We will discuss each of these further.

What is needed for the cliff shape?

The large upper buttock with flat lower buttock or “cliff” shape when viewed from the side is very common. Rounding out the flat area can be challenging. Fat transfer alone can help, especially when the flat area is not severe.

However, when the lower buttock is more severely flat fat transfer alone may not be enough. The prominent upper buttock forces a very large mid and lower buttock in order to be round. The skin and support tissue cannot expand enough to obtain a round shape. Also, adding a large amount of fat in the mid and lower buttocks can lift the upper buttocks and make the problem worse.
How do we get a desirable round shape? We use liposuction to reduce the size of the upper buttock. This gives a more natural and desirable shape to the upper buttock. In addition, it reduces the amount of rounding required for the mid and lower buttocks. Now the skin and support tissues can expand enough for an attractive, round appearance. We also add laser skin tightening to the area reduced to give the very best shape. Combining liposuction, laser skin tightening, and fat transfer gives better results for many patients.

What is needed for the square shape?

A square shaped buttock is generally less attractive than a round or inverted heart shape. In addition, the square buttocks often have a prominent lower inner buttock or “doggy ears”.

Fat transfer alone can work well with many square shapes. Especially when there are no doggy ears, or they are small. Fat can be placed well to obtain a round shape and get good results.

When the doggy ears are large, fat transfer may not be enough. Also, some square shaped buttocks have prominent upper outer buttocks that hamper proper rounding. Once again, adding buttock liposuction to fat transfer can give better results. Trimming the doggy ears is important in many square shapes. Laser skin tightening is also very important to eliminate the doggy ears as much as possible.

Some patients may also need the upper outer buttocks trimmed as well to get the more desirable inverted heart look.

What is needed for the inverted or “V” shape?

The V shape often benefits from fat transfer alone. When the V shape is also associated with a very flat shape, it can be difficult to get enough rounding on the sides. Round in the middle that looks good from the side goes well.

However, rounding that looks good from behind can be difficult. Many V shape buttocks can also have doggy ears similar to the square shape. Like the square shape, adding liposuction to fat transfer can help give a more attractive shape. Doggy ears can be removed. The upper outer buttock can also be trimmed when necessary to give additional rounding. Finally, laser skin tightening gives the finishing touch to a great new look.

V shape buttocks have generally been considered the least attractive. 3D BBL can change that.

How big a deal is having a 3D BBL?

Having a 3D BBL performed is just like having liposuction and fat transfer for other purposes. We do it in the office under local anesthesia and mild sedation. Everyone goes home after the procedure. Most people are back to work in a day or two. You are allowed to sit and lay on your buttocks from the start. Although a few patients may be able to get all the fat needed from their buttocks for the fat transfer, most will require additional areas of liposuction.

The Bottom Line of the 3D BBL

Regular BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is a great procedure and has enjoyed skyrocketing popularity over the last several years. 3D BBL is the next step. It enhances the results of BBL for many patients. The idea is the best possible buttock shape for YOUR body.

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