Stem Cells Fight Against Aging

​Aging affects every part of our body and is as inevitable as death and taxes. While aging causes our once-healthy tissues to become damaged and dysfunctional, that does not mean you have to simply accept it and move on. You can fight back using a small but powerful weapon that is already found in your body. This weapon? Fat.

Fat: Your Body’s Secret Weapon Against Aging

While it may sound strange that fat can improve your health, it is not the fat exactly – it’s what is found in your fat. Stem cells found in your fat tissue are powerful and dynamic and have the ability to heal tissue damaged by injury or illness.

Fat stem cells also can help reduce damage to cells and tissue caused by the aging process. While many over-the-counter anti-aging treatments are aimed at treating the skin from the outside in, using fat stem cells helps to heal damaged and aging cells from the inside out.

How Does Fat Stem Cell Therapy Help in the Fight Against Aging?

Fat stem cell therapy helps in the fight against aging by regenerating new cells to replace old or dying cells. Stem cells can regenerate without limit to healing tissues affected by aging. The result is the formation of new, healthy skin cells and tissues.

More Than a Weapon Against Aging

As we age, we experience cell aging and cell death, but also longer healing times and increased levels of inflammation. These factors make recovering from illness or injury longer and more difficult. Fat stem cell therapy can improve healing times and benefit health conditions and nagging injuries that do not seem to heal on their own or with medical interventions.

Some of these conditions include chronic conditions such as arthritis, COPD, diabetes, and urological conditions such as Peyronie’s disease. Individuals living with illnesses caused by autoimmune conditions can also benefit from fat stem cell therapy because stem cells can not only heal tissues damaged by immune system attacks but can also help reset the immune system to normal function, which results in less pain and medications.

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