Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

Mankind has searched for the “fountain of youth” for centuries. Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in the use of stem cells to combat the effects of aging. Can stem cells be “the fountain of youth” or a part of it? Stem cells have been shown to provide significant benefits in numerous areas including arthritis, neuropathy, and helping heal acute injuries. This article will discuss the principles and current state of the effort to combat the effects of aging. It will also introduce the use of stem cells in combating the effects of aging, or anti-aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What causes aging?

A: Although significant research has gone into the causes of aging, we still have much to learn.  Much of aging appears to be how our cells are programmed.  As we age, we produce fewer and fewer new cells to replace and replenish old cells.  The things like collagen and elastin (Collagen is Critical for Great Looking Skin) that support our cells are also produced in smaller amounts.  We also have fewer stem cells as we age.  Stem cells are responsible for most of the healing and cell renewal in our bodies.  Possessing fewer numbers of stem cells are thought to be a significant contributor to aging.  Some other known contributors to aging are:

  • Diet, some foods that can protect us and others can do harm
  • Environmental factors such as sunlight and injuries accumulate over time
  • Genetics, some families and individuals live longer due to their genetic makeup
  • Disease.  As we live longer we have more opportunities to develop disease and diseases can cause aging

We can change our diets and avoid some of the environmental factors.  However, we can’t change our genes or avoid all diseases.  There are certainly other factors that contribute to aging that we do not yet understand.  As we gain a better understanding of aging, we are better able to combat its effects.