Pollogen Skin Tightening

Pollogen Skin Tightening

You may have heard about high-tech cosmetic tools that can help you reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and smooth out cellulite, but have you ever seen one in action? To show you how simple and easy Pollogen Skin Tightening with Legend is, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical shares this exciting procedure as he performs it on his patient Jennifer.

How does Pollogen Skin Tightening work?

The Legend TriPollar® RF progressive skin tightening procedure is performed with a state-of-the-art device that uses radiofrequency (RF) to gently heat the skin. In response, the body produces fibroblast cells — chemical messengers that call in healing cells and stimulate new collagen growth. Loss and aging of collagen is responsible for so much of the loosening and wrinkling of the skin that comes with age.

Patients can see results after one to two procedures, but after the full course is completed, the body will continue to produce new collagen. This contributes to long-term skin tightening.

The Legend procedure is so cutting-edge because it uses advanced radiofrequency energy to make a real difference in tightening the skin. This approach pairs tri-polar radio frequency with a camera that monitors heat delivery. The camera shows where the skin is heated and allows the treatment team to maintain the frequency in the most effective range.

The Legend procedure is completely safe and comfortable, there are no medications needed, and patients can go back to work and any other activities straight after the procedure. That means there is absolutely no downtime!

Which areas of the body can this procedure be performed on?

The Legend procedure can be performed on many problem areas around the body, including:

  • Face: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a safe and effective way
  • Arms: Restores elasticity and firmness in this common problem area
  • Legs and thighs: Tighter skin, reduced contours, and the potential for less cellulite throughout the legs, especially the thighs
  • Tummy and abdominal region: Tighter skin means less sagging, and inches off the waistline

Legs are actually one of the exciting areas for treatment because this procedure also helps to remove cellulite. One study shows that 89% of cellulite patients respond positively to Tripollar radiofrequency.

In the video, Dr. Johnson’s patient Jennifer reports that the procedure feels great, like a warm massage. She reports having had two kids, and recent weight loss, and although she exercises and eats healthy, she still had some loose skin that she wanted to get rid of. This was her first procedure, and Dr. Johnson says she’ll be able to see results within the first two procedures, and final results will be visible after about six months.

In the abdominal area, patients can expect to lose about an inch and a half from the waist. On the thighs, patients can lose about half an inch just from the skin tightening.

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