Pollogen Skin Tightening

You hear a lot about the latest high tech cosmetic tools that can help you reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and smooth out cellulite, but you rarely see one in action. To make things a little clearer, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical shares a new procedure that he’s doing on his patient Jennifer.

How Does Pollogen Skin Tightening Work?

Legend tri-polar skin tightening procedure is done with a new device that uses radiofrequency, which uses heat to do controlled damage so that you get tightening of the collagen in response to the heat. Our body builds an immune response and the tissue that is heated produces growth factor. They are chemical messengers that call in healing cells. That way, after the procedure, is completed, Jennifer’s body will build a lot of new collagen, which will tighten and as it matures it’ll also give her long term tightening.

The Legend procedure is very exciting because it uses next-generation radiofrequency energy to make a real difference in tightening the skin. Another great thing is that it pairs tri-polar radio frequency with a camera that helps to monitor the heat that is delivered. The camera shows where the skin is heated and allows us to maintain the frequency in the most effective range. Another important thing to remember is that the Legend procedure is completely safe and comfortable, there are no medications needed, a patient can go to work straight after the procedure. That means there is absolutely no downtime!

Which body areas can this procedure be performed on?

The Legend procedure can be done in many areas, including:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Abdominal region

Legs are actually one of the exciting areas because this procedure also helps to remove cellulite. One study shows that 89% of cellulite patients respond positively to tri-polar radiofrequency.

Dr. Johnson’s patient Jennifer says the procedure feels great, like a warm massage. She had two kids, recently lost weight, exercises, and eats healthy but has some loose skin that she wants to get rid of. This is her first procedure, but Dr. Johnson says she’ll be able to see results right away and her final results will be visible after about six months. In the abdominal area, most patients lose about an inch and a half, so their waist size goes down and on the thighs, most patients lose about half an inch just from the skin tightening.

Have questions?

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