No Fear of Freezing

About The Endotoxin Injections

Afraid of endotoxin injectables because of the risk of ‘frozen face’?
Think you know everything about botulinum toxin type A injectables like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin? You probably know that these powerful endotoxin injections are a great way to look younger, but do you think they’re just for old people? You may be surprised to find out that many younger people are turning to these injections and other injectables like dermal fillers. In fact, the demand for botulinum toxin type A injections is very high among millennials who want to avoid the aging process altogether. So, what else do you think you know about these popular injectables? Here are some other myths we’ve heard: Botulinum toxin type A injections are poisonous. While these products are derived from a toxic protein, they are completely safe and controlled for cosmetic use. In fact, these products have been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA for many years, and manufacturers and providers must follow strict compliance regulations when using these products. These injections are only used to make people look good. While the large majority of people using these injections, Botox – the most popular form of the endotoxin botulinum toxin type A – is used for a whole variety of health concerns. It is currently approved to treat muscle spasms, eye twitches, migraines, overactive bladder conditions, and hyperhidrosis, or extreme sweating.

Endotoxin Injections is a  Serious Procedure

Endotoxin injections are very complicated and very serious. Any injectable is something serious and should be taken seriously and only performed by a trained professional such as Dr. Johnson, but the entire process only takes minutes in the office. Most people don’t even know you had the injections done – and there’s no downtime after the procedure. You’ll get a ‘frozen face’.  Avoiding endotoxin injections because you’re afraid of looking plastic? While these injections, temporarily paralyze the facial muscles, they won’t give you a plastic look, nor will they prevent you from smiling or frowning or laughing. You’ll have ‘frozen face’ forever. So not only will you not have a frozen face, you won’t have the effects of endotoxin treatment forever. Results typically last three to four months, so if you don’t like how you looked, you can just stop getting injections.

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