How Does Thermage Work?

There are many things that can cause skin to sag — weight loss, sun damage, childbirth, and the natural aging process. While harmless, it looks unsightly and can affect a person’s confidence. Fortunately, there are non-invasive cosmetic procedures to provide a smoother look. Thermage Skin Tightening® is one of them. Innovations Medical is one of the top Thermage providers in the United States and has won several awards for our continued excellence in Thermage treatments.

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a radiofrequency (RF) therapy that smoothes, tightens, and contours the skin. It’s more efficient than previous RF therapies because it’s comfortable and covers a wider area, while at the same time providing more pulses per second. Therefore, you end up with a shorter, more cost-effective process.

Another benefit is that it can also improve the texture of the skin — eliminating the crepe paper texture that can be experienced on sagging skin as you age. Typical body parts that are treated with Thermage include:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

How Thermage Works

To better understand how Thermage Skin Tightening® works, it is helpful to understand the structure of the skin. Skin is made up of three distinct layers:

  • A visible outer layer called the epidermis
  • A collagen-rich under layer called the dermis
  • An inner layer beneath the dermis called the subcutaneous layer also known as the fat layer — a web of collagen fibers runs through the fat layer.

Thermage® is the only non-invasive procedure available that tightens and renews your skin’s collagen in all three layers. During the procedure, your doctor uses a handheld device that delivers radiofrequency pulses sent through the skin. This causes collagen to contract and thicken. As a result, the treated area ends up with a smoother look. RF pulses also encourage new collagen production, so you end up with long-lasting results — with lasting effects up to five years.

An added benefit is that, as opposed to other types of cosmetic procedures, some Thermage results are visible immediately. You may still have to wait several months to view the full results, but seeing an improvement as soon as you get the procedure is often encouraging to patients.

Is Thermage safe?

Thermage is a safe, FDA-approved cosmetic treatment. However, as with any procedure, there are risks for adverse reactions. The most common side effects include swelling, soreness, and redness in the treated areas. Some patients may also notice some bruising. That said, these occurrences are rare and gradually dissipate within several weeks. Also, since there is no cutting involved, there is no risk of scarring or skin damage.

Benefits of Thermage

Thermage has many benefits over other cosmetic enhancement procedures. Unlike undergoing surgery, Thermage provides a quicker, safer way to resume your regular routine. Some of these benefits include:

1. Non-Invasive

Thermage doesn’t require any cutting or injections. That means you don’t have to worry about the typical complications that are part and parcel of going under the knife — such as risk of infection or scarring.

2. One Single Treatment

Some cosmetic enhancements require multiple appointments to complete the process. However, Thermage only entails one treatment that could last up to two hours, depending on the treatment area.

3. It’s a Comfortable Process

While it’s normal for many non-invasive cosmetic enhancements to involve some mild discomfort, Thermage integrates pulsed radiofrequency with a cooling sensation. You’ll feel comfortable during the entire process.

4. Quick Recovery

You will have little to no downtime after completing your Thermage appointment. You can go right back to your regular life, without needing to take time off work or find alternative childcare.

5. It Can Be Used on Multiple Body Parts

Thermage can treat loose skin and wrinkles anywhere on the body, as well as on the face and the delicate skin around the eyes. Therefore, you can obtain treatment all over in one visit to your doctor’s office.

Body Shaping and Thermage Therapy at Innovations Medical

Innovations Medical offers a full range of treatments utilizing Thermage — from cellulite reduction and deep contour body shaping to advanced treatments for the face, body, and hands. To find out if Thermage Skin Tightening is right for you, and to learn how Innovations Medical can improve your life, call us at (214) 643-8665 or schedule an appointment.