Fat Transfer to Hands

Fat Transfer to Hands

Everything about our bodies changes as we age. Skin quality is reduced as collagen decreases, causing lines and wrinkles to appear. Various parts of the body, including the breasts and buttocks, begin to sag or droop.

One part of the body that gets less attention are your hands. Like everywhere else on our bodies, hands age too. Your hands can be another sign of aging, or they may actually be making you appear older than you are.

Fat transfer to the hands is an innovative cosmetic procedure designed to restore the youthful appearance you deserve. To find out if this type of procedure is right for you, take some time to read this helpful and informative guide.

Your Hands and the Natural Aging Process

We may associate older-looking hands with older people, but our hands really begin to age during our early 20s. While this isn’t exactly over the hill, the peak of your body’s fat quality occurs between 18 and 20. After that, fat stores begin to deplete with each year we age.

Fat pads in our hands are already very thin, so when fat quantity starts to decrease, our hands look bony. The bones, knuckles, and blood vessels of the hands are more easily seen, causing an aged appearance.

Hands also bear the brunt of a lot of our activity. Think about it! We use them for almost everything we do. They are often exposed to chemicals, hot and cold temperatures, and we sometimes forget about protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays.

These actions and conditions can deplete your hands of collagen and elastin, which ultimately affects your skin’s quality and contributes to your hands looking older. Our skin also just becomes thinner over time. While no one can turn back time or reverse the aging process, the good news is there is a fix for hands that look older.

This fix is fat transfer.

What is fat transfer?

Also known as fat grafting, or autologous fat grafting, fat transfer refers to a procedure where fat is removed from one part of your body and transferred to another area. The goal is augmentation or improvement of that area. For example, with fat transfer to the buttocks, fat is removed from a “problem area” such as the tummy or love handles, and transferred to the buttocks to give them a fuller and more appealing look.

While the hands receive less attention, the basic principles of fat transfer can be just as easily applied to this area.

How does fat transfer improve hand appearance?

Dr. Bill Johnson and the Innovations Medical team offers high-quality fat transfer procedures that can help improve the look of your hands, adding to an overall youthful appearance.

While fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure that is used more frequently to reshape other parts of the body, the procedure works for hands too. The fat transfer procedure for hands simply uses liposuction to harvest fat from another area, refines it, and adds it back to the hands. It’s just like fat transfer for any other area. Fat transfer for hands is also a great add-on procedure in conjunction with other therapies.

Benefits of Fat Transfer to the Hands

First of all, fat is an ideal tissue for adding volume and smoothing out an area. This is why fat transfer has become one of the fastest-growing procedures in cosmetic surgery. The hand fat transfer procedure at Innovations Medical is a simple and quick way to restore a fuller and younger appearance to your hands.

Benefits of this procedure include:

  • 10-15 minute outpatient procedure with minimal downtime
  • Reasonable pricing that makes it a great add-on
  • Uses your own tissue, so no risk of allergic or adverse reaction
  • A long-lasting procedure — fat transfer has a high cell survival rate and can last for years

Innovations Medical and Dr. Johnson was one of the first in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to perform fat transfer procedures, including hand fat transfer. With nearly 1,000 fat transfer procedures and counting, we are proud to be one of the most experienced fat transfer practices in the region, and in all of Texas.

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