Don’t Skip This Step Before Bedtime

Sleeping in makeup has serious consequences for the skin.
Do you sleep in your makeup? Did you know that it is really bad for your skin? While once in a while is not terrible, did you know that making a habit of not washing your makeup off before bed can mean rashes, blemishes, acne and premature aging? While these things may seem relatively benign, wearing makeup to bed can also mean serious consequences. One Australian woman found out how serious wearing makeup to bed can be – after not washing off her mascara for 25 years, she developed hard deposits of mascara that were permanently stuck in her eyelids and scratching her eyeballs. While her story is extremely rare, not washing your makeup off is a mistake you just don’t want to make. What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Makeup Off? Breakouts Happen. Going to bed wearing your makeup means that your pores get clogged! Makeup, dirt, dead skin and pollution get stuck in your pores and cause breakouts. Not washing your face can also make existing acne worse. Dullness Happens. Clogged pores, makeup, dirt and oil mixed together is the perfect storm for dull and drab skin. Keep your face looking bright by washing and using a scrub to remove buildup from your pores. Rashes Happen. Makeup is full of fragrances, additives, and dyes that may react with your skin after long periods of exposure. The results of this reaction can mean rashes, blotchy spots and inflammation. Premature Aging Happens. Do you want to look older? Most people will emphatically answer no! If you don’t want to look older, you should take care to take your makeup off each and every night. Sleeping in your makeup causes premature wrinkles and lines to develop on your face, and also causes damage to the stratum corneum, the skin’s outermost, protective barrier. Have you seen the signs of premature aging, blemishes and bad skin from sleeping in your makeup? If you experience dull or damaged skin for whatever reason, schedule an appointment by calling Innovations Medical today at 214-643-8665 for an anti-aging or skin-rejuvenation treatment today.