Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Times

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Time

Cosmetic surgery. The concept can sound interesting — fascinating, even — and could be a solution for longtime issues, such as reconstructing your breasts after a mastectomy, recovering your figure after giving birth, or doing a few modifications to improve your self-esteem. If you’re starting to consider this type of surgery, you may be wondering what it entails. Specifically, you may have many questions about the recovery period. What can you expect? And, what’s the recovery time?

How long does it take to recover from cosmetic surgery?

Generally speaking, a person who undergoes cosmetic surgery begins to feel well enough to resume their regular routine approximately two weeks after coming out of the OR. However, while this is encouraging, it doesn’t mean that the individual is fully healed. How long the healing process takes depends on the type of surgery, as well as the patient’s medical history, and whether they follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions.

7 Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures & Their Approximate Recovery Times

1. Face Lift

Facelifts are procedures performed to stretch the skin to create a smoother look, as well as to remove excess facial fat. To do this, your doctor will separate the skin from facial muscles. Fat will be removed from underneath, and the skin will be pulled back into its desired place. While you will be able to return to your daily routine within two weeks, it may take up to a year for the swelling to go down, as well as for you to regain full sensation.

2. Breast Augmentation

This procedure is performed to increase the size of the breasts or to modify their shape to make them appear fuller. Different types of implants can be inserted inside the breast for this purpose — silicone, saline, or an alternative, such as your own fat. Generally, they can last up to 12 years. After this timeframe, it is recommended you speak with your physician to determine whether you need to get them replaced. After the surgery, it can take between four and six weeks to resume your daily routine. The scars will continue to fade, but won’t disappear completely.

3. Breast Lift

This procedure is often performed on women whose breasts have sagged with age and/or after breastfeeding their children. The specialist will elevate the position of the breasts, as well as modify their shape for cosmetic purposes — after discussing with the patient their desired result. After surgery, you will experience numbness as well as skin sensitivity for up to six weeks. The scars from the surgery will continue fading significantly for up to a year. However, they won’t completely disappear.

4. Breast Reduction

During this type of surgery, the doctor will remove excess breast fat and tissue. This is done for patients who suffer from chronic back pain due to the large size of their breasts or to achieve a look that’s more proportionate to their body. During the healing process, you’ll have to wear a support bra to minimize swelling. The recovery time is usually about six weeks, with scars continuing to minimize up to a year after the procedure.

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5. Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is done to restore one or both breasts to their original size and look before a mastectomy or lumpectomy. It’s also a procedure elected by patients who were born with a breast deformity. If there is a lot to reconstruct, it’s possible for the procedure to be done in stages. Afterward, you’ll have to wear a support bra to minimize swelling. You’ll be able to return to your regular routine in approximately one month after the procedure. And, while the scars will continue to fade for up to a year, the lines won’t completely disappear.

6. Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that involves suctioning fat deposits from specific body parts when a healthy diet and exercise have failed to provide your desired results. It can be targeted to contour your abdomen, hips, and/or thighs. After the procedure, you’ll have to wear a compression garment for about a week to reduce swelling and promote healing. Depending on your specific circumstances, your doctor may instruct you to wear it for a longer period of time. You may feel good enough to resume your regular routine within two weeks, although it could take up to six weeks for the swelling to go down.

7. Brazilian Butt Lift

This type of surgery is ideal for individuals whose derriere makes them feel self-conscious. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours at the gym and squats aren’t making any difference. Maybe you have a flat butt and want to achieve a rounder look. The Brazilian butt lift uses fat transferred from another part of your body to sculpt your buttocks into your desired shape. Although you may resume your regular routine and return to work within two weeks, it may take up to eight weeks for you to be able to sit comfortably.

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