5 Signs Breast Reduction May be Right for You

Signs Breast Reduction May be Right for You

More than 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries take place almost every year. That’s about 300,000 women who are unhappy with the size of their chest and would prefer a larger size. But, for some women, the opposite is true. Instead, the size of their breasts is hindering their daily activities in some way. What are the situations where you might need a breast reduction? And, how do you know if it’s right for you?

5 Reasons You May Need a Breast Reduction

1. You’re Experiencing Pain

The number one reason most women are turning to breast reduction surgery is that they experience health problems associated with the weight of their chest — including lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. As you get older, your shoulders naturally curve forward slightly, but with the added weight of your chest and associated pain comes poor posture. The results are pinched nerves — which can cause additional health issues and extreme discomfort if left unresolved.

2. You Get Rashes or Infections

Whether you’re exercising or just walking outdoors, sweat and friction can cause skin rashes to occur on your thighs, arms, and even underneath your breasts. The odds of this happening increase in women with a larger chest. Not only are these rashes uncomfortable, but if they are severe, they can bleed and become wounds. Just like any other cuts, these wounds can become infected. Infections can be extremely dangerous if left untreated.

3. It’s Difficult to Sleep

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, larger breasts can offset your posture and misalign your spine while you sleep. Even the most expensive and best quality mattress may not provide the relief you need to sleep throughout the night. Finding the right position for sleeping can also be tough. While it’s possible to get the right position with the assistance of small pillows, it makes traveling more difficult and can feel like a hassle.

4. You Have Trouble Finding Bras

Not only are larger sizes harder to find, but the ones available generally fail in one of three ways: they don’t provide enough support, the bra straps dig into your shoulders, or they leave much to be desired in terms of fashion. And, because the bras are larger and require more materials to make, they are often more expensive than their smaller counterparts.

5. You Don’t Like the Attention

Having a larger chest can come with a lot of unwanted attention. It can make you feel insecure, self-conscious, and overly self-aware when out in public. From walking on the street to sunbathing on the beach, this undesirable attention can ruin an otherwise peaceful moment. While not every interaction may make you feel this way, your breasts may cause enough attention to where you feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothing or attending public places.

What to Expect with Breast Reduction Surgery

It’s a life-changing decision to get breast reduction surgery. Before making an appointment, you should consult with your doctor about the risks and rewards of the procedure. No matter your reason for getting it, breast reduction surgery has many benefits for women with larger breasts. Not only will you eliminate some of the issues above, but you’ll experience:

  • Significant lifting of the breast and nipple
  • A large amount of control over post-operative breast size
  • A highly predictable result on size and nipple position
  • Ability to reduce nipple/areola size when needed

From your clothes fitting differently to experiencing immediate relief, you’ll likely be happy with your choice. And using our SmartLipo breast reduction, you can experience the benefits after a quick, minimally-invasive procedure — putting you on a faster recovery timeline.

Contact Innovations Medical for SmartLipo Breast Reduction

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