Chest Wrinkles

Chest Wrinkles

When it comes to aging, several aspects regarding physical appearance come to mind first — crow’s feet and wrinkles on your face, a loss of skin elasticity on your knees and elbows, and age spots. But, something that’s just as common are chest wrinkles. And as a Texas resident, you’re well aware of our hot summers and the need for tank tops and days poolside or at the beach. As such, you may be wondering what to do to obtain a more youthful appearance — including on your chest. So, what causes chest wrinkles? And is there anything you can do for a smoother look?

What causes chest wrinkles?

Although the natural aging process causes wrinkles to appear all over the body, there are other factors that can make them show up on your chest. The most common ones include:

1. Sun Damage

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are one of the main causes of premature aging. This is because, in addition to losing collagen with the passage of time, excessive sunlight can also cause this protein to degrade at a faster rate. UV rays also result in broken capillaries, skin dryness, and brown spots — making your skin look rough and much older than your chronological age.

2. Skin Dryness

As you age, your skin loses collagen, elasticity, and the production of natural oils. This results in skin dryness, which increases the appearance of wrinkles. You can alleviate some of the dryness by applying face moisturizer on your neck and chest daily, or look for products that are specifically designed for the chest.

3. Smoking

Smoking reduces blood circulation, which significantly accelerates the signs of aging all over the body. In addition to wrinkles, it causes the skin to appear loser, which makes chest creases even more pronounced. Smoking also deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the skin on your chest may also develop uneven coloring, which makes you look older.

Does sleeping on your side cause chest wrinkles?

Yes, sleeping on your side will cause chest wrinkles to appear sooner. Granted, this is not something that happens in a matter of weeks or months. It’s the result of years of sleeping in this position. This is due to creases that form on your skin while laying on your side — that start out temporarily and slowly disappear throughout the morning, then eventually become permanent. If you still don’t have chest wrinkles, sleeping on your back provides a better option.

How to Prevent Chest Wrinkles

You can prevent damage to your décolletage by:

  • Changing how you sleep
  • Wearing sunscreen daily
  • Liberally applying moisturizer to the area throughout the day

But what do you do if you already have chest wrinkles? Put down that turtleneck sweater. Instead, reach for the phone and call Dr. Johnson to schedule your appointment for Clear and Brilliant laser skin rejuvenation.

What can you do to reduce the appearance of chest wrinkles?

If you already have deep wrinkles on your chest, there are cosmetic enhancements that can help reduce their appearance. These include:

Clear and Brilliant Treatment

Clear and Brilliant is a gentle laser that’s specifically designed to reduce fine lines and variations in pigmentation. It’s an ideal solution for younger patients who want to retain their youthful look. However, it also works well in older patients who are looking for a moderate reduction in the appearance of their wrinkles — providing a more natural look. The treatment can be completed in less than an hour, and results can last up to a year.

Fraxel Restore and Dual Treatment

Fraxel Restore and Dual Treatment consists of using a laser that promotes collagen growth. They are slightly stronger than the Clear and Brilliant procedure, making it an ideal solution for older individuals who require the laser treatment to penetrate deeper into the skin to reverse sun damage. Fraxel Restore is also a good option to even out skin tone and to reduce the appearance of acne scars on the chest. Treatments need to be spaced out several weeks, with results becoming visible when they are spaced about six weeks apart.

If You’re Thinking About Cosmetic Enhancements, Contact Innovations Medical

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