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Liposuction; we all basically know what it is, but did you know it’s been around for nearly 40 years?  Thanks to technology, it’s come a long way since then.  When liposuction came out, we were listening to 8 track tapes, working on type writers, and there was no such thing as a cell phone or personal computer.  We all drove American made cars and we were happy with 10-12 miles per gallon because we were paying less than a dollar a gallon for gas.

The most important advance has been tumescent liposuction because it’s allowed liposuction to be done under local anesthesia.  Patients are awake, in the office, and it reduces the cost of the procedure.  The tumescent solution also has medication in it that will reduce the bruising and bleeding.  Even cases that are done under general anesthesia tend to use some tumescent fluid to reduce the bruising the bleeding for patients.

Liposuction has become more effective over the years.  Powered liposuction is the main reason liposuction has advanced to where it is today.  Innovations Medical brought a form of powered liposuction to the United States called Vibration Assisted Liposuction, or Tickle Liposuction.  If you look at the original liposuction cannulas, they were pretty large.  Some incisions were up to an inch wide, and this was necessary since the tools were so big.  With Tickle Lipo, the incisions used are only a ¼ inch or less.   Today, smaller cannulas are used, and yet more fat is removed from the treated area.  Another problem with older liposuction is that is tended to give a rippled and dimpled look.  Tickle Liposuction’s motion of its cannulas help prevent this unwanted appearance.

Laser Liposuction is one of the most important advancement in liposuction, and it’s happened in the last few years.  When doctors use a laser assisted liposuction like Smartlipo, their biggest enhancement is the ability to tighten skin.  Yes, it does melt fat and a lot has been made of that, but that isn’t the most important feature.  The most important feature of laser liposuction is within skin tightening.  Laser liposuction’s small tools have also helped contribute a much smoother result and much less dimpling than with original liposuction.

What is laser liposuction, SmartlipoMPX

Smartlipo MPX is a true improvement in liposuction technology.  It has 2 different lasers that it uses during the procedure.  It uses the original Smartlipo laser wavelength of 1064nm, and a 1320nm CoolLipo wavelength.  The importance of that is that the original laser destroys fat and tightens skin using tiny explosions, and the new laser uses heat to melt fat and tighten skin.  The amount of skin tightening can actually be seen while the procedure is being done, especially on smaller areas or the neck.  Recently, a study done in New York was performed to measure the skin shrinkage from the laser liposuction procedure.  It used two tattoos placed at equal distances apart.  Afterwards, the area was measured and a 30% shrinkage was seen only 2 months post.

Advantages to Laser Liposuction

It has become one of the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in Texas and America.  Hundreds of thousands of women and men undergo liposuction every year, and now a big advance; combining a more delicate liposuction with a skin tightening laser.  Smartlipo laser liposuction offers two major advantages over previous liposuction techniques.  First is the ability to fine tune and control the tools gives the physician the chance to get the shape that he/she wants.  But the main feature about Smartlipo laser liposuction is that the laser heats the skin, and the area gets good skin contraction and tightening.  An added benefit with laser liposuction is the sheer size of the laser lipo tools.  Since they are so small, it allows the physician to have the patient sit up, stand up, or roll over.  Laser liposuction also allows the patient to have the procedure done without going under general anesthesia.  By using only local tumescent anesthesia, the patients can walk out of the office post procedure, and return to work by the next morning.

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