What Is A Breast Lift?

What is a Breast Lift

The breasts are one of the most common areas that women say they want to improve aesthetically. This is especially true when age and other factors take away some of the lift that had been more apparent in younger years.

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps to address these goals. But because it is a form of surgery, many patients have questions. We’re sharing the following helpful overview to provide a clear picture about what a breast lift is, and how the highly skilled team at Innovations Medical can help.

Understanding Potential Risks for Breast Lift Procedure

Like other surgical procedures, breast lifts do come with certain risks that patients should be aware of. These include risk of infection, scarring, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia or surgical materials that come with any procedure. Risks specific to breast lifts include changes in sensation to the nipples, trouble breastfeeding, and an uneven appearance due to the healing process.

Breast Lift Procedures at Innovations Medical

At Innovations Medical, Dr. Bill Johnson and his talented cosmetic surgical team perform breast lift procedures at both the Dallas and Fort Worth Locations. They have options that are less invasive and have less scarring.

Laser Breast Lift

Innovation Medical’s minimally invasive Laser Breast Lift is an FDA-approved procedure designed to take the stress and anxiety out of cosmetic surgery. Laser breast lift utilizes a high-powered, state-of-the-art medical laser to tighten breast tissue. The laser penetrates the breast and produces a tightening effect on the skin and underlying layers through thermal heating. Laser breast lifts allow you to have a perkier look and firmer breasts without removing skin. The procedure is an outpatient procedure and can take up to two hours.

Smart Breast Reduction and Lift with Smart Lipo

When excess breast tissue is contributing to drooping, sagging, or misshapen breasts, doctors may recommend a breast reduction along with breast lift. In these cases, our SmartLipo breast procedures offer a minimally invasive approach, performed under local anesthesia only. SmartLipo breast surgery can be done by either using a SmartLipo laser combined with fat transfer to the breast to increase the size and lift, or SmartLipo laser combined with breast liposuction for lift and breast reduction. Liposuction breast reduction is best used when only a small or moderate amount of reduction is desired. Larger reduction is best done by surgical methods not using liposuction.

Contact Innovations Medical for More Information on Breast Lift Procedures

If you’re looking for a shapelier bust, Innovations Medical is here for you. Our skilled professionals help you decide which treatment is best for you – keeping you informed and confident in the next steps. We’ve been helping our patients look and feel their best since 2005, and even our most advanced procedures are often minimally invasive.

To find out if a breast lift is right for you, and to learn how Innovations Medical can improve your life, call us at (214) 643-8665 or schedule an appointment.