Fat Transfer Myths

Have you considered having a fat transfer procedure, but have questions or concerns about the procedure or results? There are many myths and misunderstandings out there about fat transfer, or fat grafting, procedures. Dr. Johnson often fields questions and concerns about fat and the fat transfer procedure during patient consultations. Here we tackle some of the most frequently heard myths about fat and fat transfer:

4 Myths and Misunderstandings About Fat Transfers

Myth 1: Fat Doesn’t Last

One commonly heard myth about fat transfer is that results do not last. This can definitely make some would-be patients balk at having the procedure done, but fortunately, it’s just not true. Fat transfers or fat grafting performed at Innovations Medical provide patients with long-lasting results. The technique used by Dr. Johnson minimizes fat handling, which increases the survival rate of cells. Patients who choose fat transfer typically only need to have the procedure once. Additionally, because fat transfer uses your own fat, there is no chance of rejection, which would cause results to be diminished.

Myth 2: Fat Causes Lumps

Critics of fat transfers often claim that fat causes a lump to form at the injection site. If the procedure is performed by a well-trained cosmetic physician, like Dr. Johnson, the procedure does not produce lumps. Trained cosmetic physicians understand exactly how and where to inject transplanted fat to ensure smooth results.

Myth 3: Fat Transfer Causes Breast Cancer

This is a commonly heard myth in regards to fat transfer for natural breast augmentation. Unfounded concerns suggest that fat injections cause cancer to develop in patients, or that fat will cause cancer to redevelop in patients who previously had breast cancer. There are no confirmed links or studies to suggest a relationship between fat transfers and increased cancer risk.

Myth 4: Fat Transfer Looks Obvious

Some patients shy away from the procedure because they think that it looks obvious, puffy, or unnatural. This is absolutely not true. When fat is used to reshape or re-sculpt the body or face, the results are very natural. Patients who have fat transfers have a more youthful and fresh appearance, with tightened and smoother skin.

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