How Often Do Cosmetic Injections Need to Be Done?

How Often Do Cosmetic Injections Need to Be Done?

When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, you may be faced with conflicting emotions. You may be interested in ways to make yourself look and feel better, but you may also be scared of going under the knife. Fortunately, there are procedures that don’t require an operation. Such is the case with cosmetic injections. What, exactly, are they? How do they work? And, how often do you need to redo them?

Why use injectable fillers?

As you age, your skin loses collagen — a protein that plays many roles in your body, including skin firmness. After the age of 20, the body produces approximately 1% fewer collagen than the previous year. As a result, as time goes by, the skin becomes thinner and wrinkles start to form — especially around the eyes, mouth, and on the forehead.

Cosmetic injections are designed to replace the lost collagen, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They can also be used to reduce the hollowness of your cheeks, as well as to provide a more plump appearance for your lips. This means you can look younger and well-rested without surgery or downtime.

Types of Cosmetic Injections and How Often You Have to Redo Them

There are several options for cosmetic injections. Each of them has a different type of texture and require different injection depths. Which one works for you depends on your needs and the area you’d like to inject.

1. Botox

This type of injectable is different from other types of cosmetic injectables because as opposed to filling up space under wrinkles, it relaxes the muscles in your face. As a result, the muscles can’t contract, causing wrinkles to disappear. The procedure only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require anesthesia. While discomfort is minor, it may take between one and two weeks for you to be able to appreciate the full effects. Typically, you’d need to reinject Botox anywhere between three to six months.

2. Juvederm

Juvederm is a filler that contains hyaluronic acid (HA) — a clear substance that is produced naturally in your body to retain water and keep soft tissues moist. The gel is injected mostly around the cheeks to correct lost volume, as well as to help reduce the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles. You’ll be instructed to avoid sun exposure, as well as products that contain alcohol. You’ll also notice swelling and bruising that usually goes down within 48 hours. Touch-ups are necessary between six to 12 months.

3. Restylane

Like Juvederm, Restylane also contains hyaluronic acid. While both injectables are similar, their textures make a difference depending on which area you want to enhance. For example, because Restylane is more cohesive, it is ideal for building up volume or contouring your face — such as when you’re filling up hollow areas under your eyes. Touch-ups are necessary between six and 18 months, depending on where the filler was injected.

4. Volbella

Volbella is a type of filler under the Juvederm umbrella that’s used to plump your lips and diminish the appearance of fine lines around your mouth. It also contains hyaluronic acid and provides subtle results — allowing you to avoid the puffy look of previous lip-enhancing fillers. Your lips may be red and tender immediately after the injections and you will have to limit sun exposure and extreme exercise for the first 24 hours following the procedure. Touch-ups are typically required approximately once a year.

5. Radiesse

Radiesse is a dermal filler for the face and/or hands that stimulates your own body’s production of collagen — and provides volume immediately after being injected. It’s ideal for smoothing wrinkles around the mouth as well as improve the appearance of fat loss. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to resume your regular routine immediately. Touch-ups are usually required every one to two years.

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