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It can be a real struggle this time of year to think about a perfect gift, unique gift for that special someone. We have an idea for someone struggling with hair loss. Dr. Bill Johnson discusses real medical tools that really work to restore hair.

Okay, hair loss can be very tough for men, but is devastating for some women.  Over 40% of men have seen noticeable hair loss by the time they’re in their 40s.  That’s not surprising.  What is surprising is the same is true of women.  About 40% of women have noticed some hair loss by the time they’re in their 40s, and in our culture men do okay with hair loss, women really don’t.  It’s really not something that that is looked at.  It is really devastating.

Hair Restore

So, what are some of the options that really work for Hair Restoration? Well, sometimes about every ten years or so something comes along long that you look at it you say,  “this is too good to be true..there’s something wrong with these results.”  But, we really have one of those devices for hair loss now.  Low level laser therapy is a new technology that delivers a low level laser when you’re under it. You have to look up to even see that you’re under it and the lenses on the machine focus so that you don’t even have to comb your hair.  It gets the energy to the scalp through your hair the way it is and the results are really truly amazing.

Laser Hair Growth

What are the results that are almost too good to be true? 98% of persons, men or women, that use Auralux see at least a 20% increase in hair.  Now for most of us, that’s all we’d ever need.  But, almost 90%, 89% see a 30% increase in hair, and over half, 57% see more than 50% increase in hair.  The other cool thing though is that it looks normal. People that just say hey, I haven’t lost here but I sure wish my hair grew thicker or faster respond well too because this laser increases the blood flow to our hair follicles, increases the health of our hair follicles, and makes a big difference in how fast and thick our hair grows whether we’ve got loss or normal hair. That would be interesting to a lot of people!

Dallas & Fort Worth FUE Hair Transplant

What if someone doesn’t want any maintenance or nothing else has worked?  Well, if you’ve got hair loss and nothing else has worked, hair transplant is still the gold standard.  Nowadays, the way to go is called follicle unit extraction or FUE.  Literally we’re going in and removing one hair follicle at time and moving it to a new location.  This gives a very natural looking pattern. You don’t have to have funky comb-overs or other things like we sometimes see from Washington recently, but we can get a really natural look.  Our device, AuraGraft, is the first device developed specifically for doing follicle unit extraction so we can transplant fewer hairs and we get a healthier look from it.  We’re really happy to be the first to have Auragraft FUE in the Dallas area.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

What about special cases like people who suffer from alopecia areata?  Alopecia areata is actually an autoimmune disease where you have patches of your hair that fall out and just won’t grow back.  Those hair follicles are being attacked by your immune system so the laser (AuraLux) can help and sometimes you can do follicle unit extraction (AuraGraft) into those areas.  But a lot of times we have to do something to turn off the immune system.  In those special cases, we can put stem cells from your own body or platelet-rich plasma, which we also get from your own body, into the area to help turn off the immune system, get some hairs growing back, and then do the other technologies to really help restore that hair.  So more and more there’s hope for those folks than there used to be.

Good news for people who suffer from hair loss and there are a lot of them. Innovations Medical has hair restoration offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.  Call 214-643-8665 for more information.