Stem Cell Procedures for Physicians

How can stem cell therapy help your patients?

Stem cell therapy is an innovative and safer way to treat a myriad of ailments — including neurological and autoimmune disorders, heart disease, lung disease, vascular diseases, joint and musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, eye and skin conditions, and erectile dysfunction. It can also be used to combat the effects of aging.

Why harvest stem cells from patients’ own fat?

Stem cells do most of the healing in the human body. When a body is damaged, stem cells are activated. They can make more copies of themselves and become other types of cells. If you need additional muscle, cartilage, or skin cells, stem cells can transform into them and multiply. They can also communicate with other cells about what to do. This is particularly helpful in cases of inflammation — a condition that results from most injuries and many health ailments.

Although there are many types of stem cells, there are two broad categories that are important to individuals who would benefit from this type of treatment. These two types are:

  1. Stem cells harvested from the patient.
  2. Stem cells harvested from someone else.

Stem cells from someone else aren’t always effective, because there’s always the risk that the patient’s body may reject them. On the other hand, harvesting cells from the patients’ own tissues guarantees that they will be compatible with the rest of the patient’s body.

Harvesting can be done through bone marrow aspiration or liposuction. Obtaining them through liposuction is more effective since you can obtain roughly 1,000 times more stem cells from fat.

Innovations Medical Makes It Easier For You

At Innovations Medical, we have been performing stem cell treatments since 2013. Together with the Cell Surgical Network, we have performed more than 14,000 treatments. We were the first Cell Surgical member in North Texas, and we remain a leader in harvesting stem cells from patients’ own fat — and now you can partner with us to provide treatment to your own patients.

Our process is simple:

  1. Refer your patients to either of our two locations.
  2. We harvest the fat and process the stem cells.
  3. The patient returns to your office with IV in place.
  4. The processed stem cells are delivered to your office (approximately two hours after the harvest).
  5. You administer the stem cells to your patient in the comfort of your own office.

Each disorder has a protocol that has been approved by an Investigational Review Board (IRB). Innovations Medical follows each protocol thoroughly for all the conditions we treat.

The process of harvesting stem cells takes between 10 and 15 minutes, and about an hour and a half to process. Recovery is minor — it may involve mild bruising or swelling, and most people can resume their daily activities within a day or two.

What disorders can stem cells benefit?

There is increasing evidence of the benefits of adipose-derived stem cells in published medical literature. In addition, we are affiliated with the Cell Surgical Network — which maintains a database of more than  14,000 patients to monitor for safety and efficacy. Below are some of the disorders for which we have IRB approved protocols:

Stem cell therapy can also alleviate chronic joint or muscle pain and provides a safer alternative to surgery. Patients can start feeling relief within hours of undergoing therapy.

Contact Us at Innovations Medical

Let our stem-cell therapy expert physicians work with you. By referring your patients to us, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ll harvest stem cells correctly and safely.

You can get started by contacting us or calling our office number for physicians at (214) 643-8665.