Diet to Get Rid of Cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Diet

Sometimes our skin develops blemishes and spots that make us look and feel older than we are. Cellulite is one of those reminders, and it can develop as early as your teens. While most prominent in women, men can also develop cellulite. However, removing or reducing the appearance of cellulite may be easier than you think — without purchasing ineffective creams and over-the-counter products. Your diet plays a major role in the appearance of cellulite. That’s why something as simple as choosing different foods can make all the difference.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common skin condition that is harmless. It causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on your thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. While there are many different ways to treat cellulite — including weight loss, exercise, creams, medical treatments, and lifestyle changes — each varies in success. You may have to try a few different things before finding what works best for you.

What causes cellulite?

While the exact cause of cellulite is still unknown, we understand that it involves fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the muscle. In between this is a layer of fat. As fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin while the long, tough cords pull down. This causes an uneven surface or dimpling.

We’ve also found that hormonal factors play a large role in the development of cellulite — including genetics, skin texture, and body type. While weight and muscle tone can impact whether you have cellulite, even fit people can develop it.

10 Foods to Reduce Cellulite

1. Grapefruit & Other Fruits

Grapefruit to Reduce Cellulite

Not only is grapefruit chock full of vitamin C to help repair collagen, but it contains a fat-burning ability that can help with your metabolism and weight loss. Eating this fruit can keep you hydrated — which is an easy way to make your skin look fresher and smoother. Try eating grapefruit by itself, or add it to a dark, green leafy salad.

Other fruits that are full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and bioflavonoids can also help reduce and get rid of cellulite. These vitamins can help promote collagen production and protect your skin cells from becoming damaged.

2. Asparagus & Other Vegetables

Asparagus to Reduce Cellulite

Vegetables such as asparagus are rich in folic acid — which can reduce stress levels and help improve your mood. Since stress can increase fat storage in the body, reducing those levels can prevent excessive storage. Asparagus also contains circulation-boosting properties, which can help reduce cellulite.

Other vegetables, like beetroot, are high in polyphenols, which can help with the appearance of cellulite. Avocados and dark, leafy greens are packed full of antioxidants and nutrients that help with skin elasticity and boost circulation. Try eating your vegetables raw, baked, or adding them to your smoothie in the morning.

3. Chicken & Fish

Chicken and Fish to Reduce Cellulite

Amino acids and proteins are essential for healthy connective tissue and collagen production. But before you reach for those pork chops, look for meats that are rich in essential fatty acid content. Poultry and oily fish — such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon — contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can protect your body from harmful compounds and reduce the effects of cellulite.

Leaner meats like turkey, chicken, and fish also hold healthy elements — such as water — to hydrate your skin and make it look softer, fuller, and wrinkle-free. Incorporate these proteins as the main contributor to your meals, but make sure you’re abiding by recommended serving sizes.

4. Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and Seeds to Reduce Cellulite

Similar to fish, nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids — which contribute to the health of the skin cell membrane. Not only do nuts help hydrate the skin, but essential fatty acids can also delay the skin’s aging process by reducing the body’s natural production of inflammatory compounds.

Flaxseed is another type of seed that is rich in nutrients. In fact, it’s the richest source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids in the world. Nuts are a versatile food that can be used as a snack on their own or for a bit of crunch in your favorite cereals, smoothies, or yogurt.

5. Whole Grain Carbs

Whole Grain Carbs to Reduce Cellulite

Whole grains are packed with fiber — helping your digestive system to function effectively. When your digestive system is functioning efficiently, it removes toxins faster. This means that toxins won’t have a chance to make cellulite in the first place.

Whole grains also promote cardiac health and keep your body circulating. This makes whole grains — especially in bread and other carbs — amongst the best foods for cellulite reduction. Look for whole grain buns, bread, and other carb alternatives next time you’re at the grocery store.

6. Buckwheat

Buckwheat to Reduce Cellulite

Buckwheat is a slow-burning, easily digestible whole grain that stands apart from its whole grain carbohydrate brothers. It’s a complete protein, rich in vitamin B and fiber. This nutrient is incredibly important in the fight against cellulite because it helps push toxins out of fat cells.

Buckwheat contains high amounts of lysine — an amino acid that helps repair body tissue and collagen. This helps to reverse the effects of cellulite. It also makes for a great rice or quinoa substitute.

7. Cilantro

Cilantro to Reduce Cellulite

Fresh herbs — such as cilantro — promote detoxification. It removes heavy metals from the body that hide in fat cells. These heavy metals can disrupt tissue function and prevent your body from healing properly. By reducing the toxins in your body, you can reduce stored fat, thus lessening cellulite.

Cilantro isn’t just good for cellulite, though. It also boosts your immune system. But you don’t have to wait for Taco Tuesday to add this to your meals. You can add small amounts to your salads, stews, and sandwiches.

8. Parsley

Parsley to Reduce Cellulite

Similar to cilantro, parsley is another herb that is packed with vitamins A, C, and E — all nutrients important for healthy, vibrant skin and for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Parsley also acts as a diuretic, which helps flush out your kidneys and prevents bloating and water retention.

While this herb is often used as a garnish to make a meal look nicer, it can also be used like cilantro. Try adding it to your next smoothie, salad, or sandwich for a boost of nutrients and cellulite-reduction benefits.

9. Ginger

Ginger to Reduce Cellulite

Eating ginger is a great way to boost blood flow in your body and reduce cellulite. That’s because ginger helps destroy toxins. This makes your lymphatic system stronger and more efficient. Good circulation also contributes to weight loss, which can help prevent cellulite.

In addition to reducing cellulite and helping with weight loss, ginger is known to have a ton of medicinal properties — including relieving osteoarthritis. When it comes to incorporating ginger into your daily diet, the ingredient is versatile in that it can be eaten raw, added to drinks, or used as a spice in your favorite meals.

10. Water With Lemon

Water with Lemon to Reduce Cellulite

Adding a wedge of lemon to your water has three main benefits: it hydrates your body, flushes out toxins, and delivers substantial vitamin C. Dehydration can cause your skin to look and feel dry, dull, and lumpy. With the added vitamins from the lemon, your skin will not only look and feel softer, but you’ll gain the necessary nutrients to fight against skin damage.

In addition to providing hydration and valuable nutrients, water first thing in the morning can help boost your metabolism to promote weight loss. Other citrus fruits like oranges and limes can also be used to replace lemon wedges.

Foods to Avoid

While these ten foods can reduce the appearance of cellulite or reverse the damage, there are tons of foods that do the opposite. To ensure you aren’t undoing your hard work, try avoiding foods such as:

  • Processed meats and cheeses
  • Canned soups
  • Soda and sweetened beverages
  • BBQ sauce
  • Cottage cheese
  • Pizza
  • Margarine and buttery spreads
  • Soy sauce
  • White bread
  • Doritos
  • Snack cakes and other processed snacks
  • Bagels

Other Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

Changing your diet isn’t the only way to help reduce and get rid of cellulite, but it’s a great start. If you’re still struggling with the appearance of cellulite, stem cell therapy may be a great option. By using stem cells harvested from your own fat, we can reverse the damage to your tissue and promote collagen production — resulting in plumper, smoother skin.

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