SmartXide Dot CO2 Laser Treatment

Designed to treat the skin using a pattern of tiny dots, instead of the larger patches of skin typically treated using older laser technology, the SmartXide DOT offers comparable results to traditional CO2 laser treatments, but with a fraction of the downtime, and far less patient discomfort.

The SmartXide Dot is a new innovation in CO2 laser technology. The CO2 laser the gold standard in skin resurfacing technology since it was first reported in 1991 produces superb results for patients. However, traditional CO2 laser resurfacing procedures removes the entire skin surface, which results in a prolonged and somewhat difficult recovery. SmartXide Dot technology offers results approaching those of traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, but with complete recovery in only a few days. Over the next few years, SmartXide Dot will set a new standard for resurfacing and become the treatment of choice for reversing the effects of aging on the skin.


Innovations Medical received the first SmartXide Dot laser delivered in the US, and Dr. Johnson has trained many of the doctors in the US now using SmartXide Dot. Dr. Johnson has also lectured on SmartXide Dot technology at both national and international conferences. Dr. Johnson’s extensive work with SmartXide Dot technology has given us the experience to provide an exceptional level of care for our patients in Dallas, and Ft. Worth.

Who can benefit from SmartXide Dot CO2 Laser?

People who can benefit from this fractional CO2 laser are those who have fine lines and severe wrinkles due to aging, smoking, or sun-damaged skin.

People with skin discoloration (melasma) and those who are wanting to reduce the appearance of scars. Some skin pigments (Fitzpatrick Scale 5-6) can not use SmartXide Dot.

How long does the procedure take?

The SmartXide treatment takes around 90 minutes from numbing to completion of the procedure. There will be some social downtime when using a CO2 fractional laser. You can expect some swelling and redness for up to two (2) weeks after the procedure.

What type of results can I expect?

You can expect to have a significant reduction in wrinkles, sun-damaged brown spots, and a decrease in the appearance of acne scarring.

SmartXide Dot CO2 Laser Before and After*

*Results may vary.

These images are of Innovations Medical patients who have undergone treatments with the SmartXide Dot laser. Images on the left are prior to treatment, images to the right are post-treatment.


All I can say is “WOW”. I can’t believe what a difference the procedure SmartXide had on my skin. After the peeling and redness had subsided, I just couldn’t believe my face could ever look so smooth and what pretty skin color and tone my face has again. I do have to pass along the sweetest comment I’ve had so far, it’s from my granddaughters, Zoey (age 3 1/2) and Hailey (age almost 4). This weekend as they spent the night with us, they asked what I “had” on my face. I explained that the Doctor was helping “Mammaw” making my skin nicer looking. I demonstrated my skin on my arm and compared it to their skin on their arm. I said “soon, Mammaws’ face will have smoother skin like your skin and then you’ll have a pretty Mammaw!” Zoey said, “But you’ll still be Mammaw, right?” I couldn’t cry that day because my skin was so tight and I was afraid I would crack the skin around my eyes! ha! Now that the skin is supple, I have no problem having a “Mammaw moment” when I remember how they love me as I am, but Grandpa will love me a whole lot more the way my skin looks now! (just kidding!) Thank you all for your care and the difference you make in people’s lives with your dedication to this calling that you all share. – Melanie

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