Skin Like the Stars Package

What is Skin Like the Stars?

Ever wonder why so many stars appear to be ageless? Their appearance never growing older. How do they do it? Some of them will talk about their diets, exercise, drinking plenty of water and avoiding the sun, but they almost never talk about what they do in the doctor’s office. Now their secret is out! Most of them are on a regular regimen of medical treatments designed to combat the effects of aging and keep them looking young and beautiful. We developed our Skin Like the Stars Package to provide a all of the treatments many or the stars use to stay looking young. Here are the basics:

Step One – Good Daily Skin Care Regimen

The stars all begin by doing things right for their skin every day. This includes using good cleansers and moisturizers and above all sun block. The sun is the number one cause of skin aging and sun block daily is the best defense. Most stars also watch their weight and avoid a lot of fats and processed sugars in their diets. Most stars get their doctors involved from here. Regular medical grade facials and peels, often as frequent as monthly, are commonly used. Prescription anti-aging products like Retin A for wrinkles and Latisse for long eyelashes are often fundamental parts of the daily regimen. Innovations Medical will help you design and maintain a regimen for your skin type as part of your skin like the stars package.

Step 2 – Injectables

Most of the stars use injectables like Botox or Restylane and many begin in their late teens. Botox and its cousin Xeomin are reversible muscle toxins. These injectables reduce wrinkles and creases caused by muscular action in our faces. Just as importantly, clinical studies have shown that Botox can PREVENT WRINKLES when used regularly. Restylane, Radiesse, Belotera and others are used to restore lost volume, primarily in the face. These are the injectables that you have seen overused so much in stiff faces and “duck lips”. However, Restylane and the others can be used more subtlety and restore volume while leaving others unaware that you have had “work” done.

Step 3 – Collagen Building and Maintenance

Collagen is a protein that is one of the main building blocks of our bodies. Collagen is the main supporting of our skin. The loss and stretching of collagen is one of the most important causes of skin sagging and wrinkling. In other words collagen loss makes us look older. Fortunately we have tools to fight collagen loss. Thermage and Legend are two tools that use radio-frequency energy to produce new collagen and tighten the skin. The stars often use these tools several times a year to tighten and preserve their collagen. Research has shown that yearly use of tools like Thermage and Legend can increase the amount of collagen in the skin significantly and result in looking younger despite the years.

Step 4 – Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a cornerstone in the skin care regimen of many Hollywood stars. Modern laser resurfacing uses laser energy to do a controlled damage to thousands of tiny places in your skin. This damage results in a healing response by our body that repairs not only the damaged areas, but the surrounding skin as well. The result is a new surface to your skin. The new surface looks “new”, has fewer wrinkles, fewer dark spots ( melasma, age spots, old scars) and more collagen. Resurfacing lasers come in different intensities. Clear+Brilliant is a low intensity laser that has no down time and is great for maintenance or a little “freshen up”. Fraxel Restore is a little more intense for deeper wrinkles or more dark areas. SmartXide DOT is an intense laser for deep wrinkles and creases or even scars like acne scars.

Step 5 – Cutting Edge Treatments – Biologics

Finally, one of the cutting edges in cosmetic skin care treatments are known as biologics. Biologics are skin care treatments that come from the person’s own tissue. At Innovations Medical we use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to enhance the appearance of the skin. PRP facial has been commonly known as a Vampire facial. This simple treatment can improve texture, color and collagen. It is also possible to do a stem cell facial using stem cells from your own fat. Early studies show this can lift and tighten the skin while also improving texture and color.


Fundamentals Level Package

30% Discount on all services

Basic Package – $2,488

1. Xeomin to one area (20 units)

2. One Thermage tip

3. Clear and Brilliant

4. 1 peels (glycolic) and 1 facials

5. Eval/recommendations skin care products

6. Evaluation/scripts Latisse & Retin-A

Recommended Regular Treatments

1. Xeomin every 3 mon (20 units)

2. Clear and Brilliant every 3 mon

3. Monthly peel or facial ($ are per quarter)


Substitutions and Additions

1. Substitute Legend x6 for Thermage

2. Add Beloterra twice a year

3. Add Radiesse once a year

4. Substitute VIPeel for glycolic ($ per sub)

5. Substitute Fraxel for C&B (pigment/scars)

6. Add Thermage eye tip

7. Sub Legend microneedle x 6 for Thermage

8. Add Legend microneedle x 6

9. Add PRP (vampire) to microneedle